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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Didn't that Nathan Hubbard guy say that they're releasing something on the 22nd? I guess we will find out at midnight.
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  2. We got played. I really thought she would release something today :(
  3. I’m ready to read the theory of how the 29th is the perfect time to release something.
  4. My brain: this is fine, she's not gonna release anything, the album is out in 3 weeks anyway. More to enjoy on the 12th :)
    Also my brain: but she did release Wildest Dreams at 2 pm bst on a friday
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  5. Spotify to me when I was checking on Taylor’s new releases on the app in the morning:

  6. I am genuinely surprised nothing happened today. Everything was lined up very well. Perhaps @Music Is Death is right with their theory and we’ll be waiting until the 12th November.

    I’ll still get my clown wig ready for the next two Thursdays anyway ddd
  7. She’s sick and twisted for this rollout.

  8. I have not listened to this album in months, but this is my current ranking. I wonder how much it's gonna change once TV is released.

    1 State Of Grace
    2 Begin Again
    3 Treacherous
    4 All Too Well
    5 Everything Has Changed
    6 Come Back... Be Here
    7 Red
    8 The Last Time
    9 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    10 Holy Ground
    11 The Moment I Knew
    12 Starlight
    13 Sad Beautiful Tragic
    14 22
    15 I Almost Do
    16 I Knew You Were Trouble
    17 The Lucky One
    18 Stay Stay Stay
    19 Girl At Home
  9. I truly don't understand the logic they're going with right now
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  10. I don’t understand why they can’t put out one or two songs before the album. With the number of tracks per album she could have a new re-recording out every second week of the year and still have about 15 tracks unreleased by the time the album comes out.

    There’s no reason not to release some pre-release tracks.
  11. I’m not really pressed because these are literally just remakes of songs that have been out since 2012 but the way this campaign is being ran is deranged. I’m guessing she’s still trying to re-record Stay Stay Stay without vomiting.
  12. I also did the song sorter and it checks out, the five best songs on the album remain:

    1 Treacherous
    2 All Too Well
    3 Sad Beautiful Tragic
    4 State Of Grace
    5 Red

    While Fearless will likely remain most improved with the updated vocals I think there's even more potential here with songs like State of Grace: there was a clear shift to 'bigger' songs with Speak Now and Red really brought that to an apex.

    6 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    7 The Last Time
    8 I Knew You Were Trouble
    9 Starlight
    10 The Moment I Knew
    11 Everything Has Changed
    12 Begin Again
    13 Holy Ground
    14 I Almost Do
    15 22
    16 The Lucky One
    17 Come Back... Be Here
    18 Girl At Home
    19 Stay Stay Stay
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  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Taylor in the studio when the twee guitars start:


    I am screaming at how sadistic republic and Taylor are being with this rollout. C'mon girls give us nothing!
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  14. Red TV out in 3 months, but here's Wildest Dreams TV to tide you over!!
  15. I'm not sure if it makes sense, but I imagine she'd want to keep the impact of "listening to everything all at once" to boost hype, instead of dropping a single. It's like... everyone already knows what it sounds like, there's no need to try to present singles to sell it blindfolded like a normal album.

    But then letting people overflow with nostalgia on "first play" of something they already knew but sounds ~new? get the streams, etc.

    The long rollout because of Vinyl is tiring though. It would have been easier to check a calm week, announce it, drop it and then ship stuff later. She'd hit #1 two times probably dd.
  16. That would make more sense had she not dropped Love Story, You All Over Me, and Mr Perfectly Fine leading up to Fearless though...
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  17. I think it's best not to try to apply reason to Taylor's album/single campaigns...
  18. It's a tad frustrating in theory but also she's inundated us with new music over the last 15 months so I think saving everything for the album was a smart move. Even as a stan I haven't listened to her much the second half of this year because I was playing folklore/evermore and then Fearless (TV) so much. Saving 30 songs both rerecorded and new for Q4 was the right call.
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  19. welp the merch is up. Get your ring and red All Too Well scarf!!
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