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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Poor Mixtape Debut.
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  2. Wait a minute...a GMA reporter saying the announcement is better than what we’re expecting. I’m scared!
  3. Full albums dropping? Another making-of documentary? I'm PERCHED.
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  4. surprise dropped vegan cookbook.
  5. starting the countdown to End Game (Taylor's Solo Version).
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  6. I’m betting evermore long pond studio sessions.
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  7. I hate love story so this announcement better be more than that
  8. After the Reputation Stadium Tour, I can really see all these new albums being released as the "Taylor Owned Edition."
  9. He has also tweeted:

  10. People seem to think it's a 26-song collection in some form mirroring a Greatest Hits?
  11. What if she’s been doing these folklore and evermore “chapters” on Spotify because that’s how she’s going to release the re-recorded songs? In chapters of songs she thinks go together.
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  12. I've never heard of them before and don't know how reliable they are but @deuxmoi on Instagram (who have 750k followers) are the ones who started the 26 song rumor and said that Love Story and Wildest Dreams are among them.
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  13. I can't believe I'm about to experience this new era of re-recordings in the middle of my peak Taylor-stanning!!

    But I don't know what I think about a "Greatest Hits"...as long as we'll get all the albums re-recorded eventually.

    Edit: Thinking about it further, releasing her old songs album for album would become quite predictable. But shaking things up by releasing different songs from different eras would be more of a surprise and therefore a bit exciting for fans. Because I guess her intention is to re-release ALL of her old songs, right?
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  14. The page is reliable (mostly) and even followed by big celebs.

    I submitted some fake tea for shits and giggles to vet if they will just post anything and they actually ask serious follow-up questions to prove your identity
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  15. Eek! I’m scared! I don’t know how I feel about a mix of eras, this pushing ahead before evermore long pond and a third album...

    But I’m also excited and know there’s no ‘right’ way to do this!
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  16. It makes more sense to release a “collection” of new recordings of old songs. They can still make playlist with the original tracklist on Spotify etc.
    I mean, do you really think she will re-release her first album with a new cover or with an old picture of a 16 years old Taylor when the (new) album was made by a grown woman?
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  17. aux


    *"...Ready For It?" plays in the background*

    Good morning America, I'm excited to tell you on Thursday morning, February 11th, I'll be announcing my re-recorded albums for the first time ever in a special interview in San Francisco's historic Castro District on Good Morning America and I promise you, it'll be a morning to remember. See you soon :)

    *Taylor sings "are you ready for it?", loud ass synths fade out*

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  18. As much as I wouldn't put it past her to rerecord all her past albums... it's also far more realistic that she releases a 'collection' or two of her key/most popular songs rerecorded.

    I want a full rerecorded Debut especially, but if they just want a quick buck, then I suppose attempting to replace all her biggest hits with new versions is more simple.

  19. What 4 stages?
  20. I've always interpreted her interviews talking about the re-recordings as her being very intent on releasing all of her past albums as re-recordings? Maybe because she has been talking a lot about wanting to own her masters, and also being at the peak both creatively and commercially...it seems like a very Taylor thing to do, both for her own artistic integrity, but also being petty towards Scooter, while also doing it at a time when she can probably milk this commercially. I remember she talked in a recent interview (or was it the Netflix doc?) about knowing her commercial reign would soon come to an end because of how the industry is towards women over 35, and that she wanted to do as much as she could these following years to capitalize on her commercial success. So I think now (also while touring is on a stand still because of covid-19) is the best time for her to actually re-release all of her old albums while still being so commercially successful.
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