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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. WHAT a lineup. Sometimes the people do have taste!
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Friend: "why even does she think it's cool to re-record her music?"
    Me: *seventeen paragraphs explaining why*

    Not even a Swiftie and I'm over here going to war ddd. It's so weird sometimes remembering that even my friends just aren't plugged into pop culture like we are. Also fuck Scooter Braun xoxo
  3. I really hope that the success of All Too Well will make the labels take notice and stop forcing the pop girls into making 2-minutes songs teebs. I want bridges and middle-8s back in the charts!
  4. Enchanted (10 Minute Version) and Clean (10 Minute Version) please @taylorswift
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  5. I use every chance that I get to say again and again that I hate, despise and detest the 2-minute-song-trend and I think it's absolute made-up management bullshit.
  6. The two minute song trend doesn't do much for me either, but these are very specific circumstances: this is a well-established artist with one of the biggest and most ferociously loyal fanbases in the business, hitting big with an extended version of one of her most beloved album tracks (to say nothing of the famous subject matter).

    I'm not sure I can see it leading to a change in approach across the board; then again, I'm open to being proved wrong.
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  7. Most lead singles of her last few albums have hit #1 in the first week, this is not making a dent outside of her (massive) fanbase. She's kind of like the American BTS in that anything she's released is guaranteed to hit #1 regardless. Radio's not touching a 10-minute song, hence why Message In A Bottle is getting a radio push instead.
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  8. The depth of inaccuracy is disgusting

    You don't spend nine days at #1 on Spotify ahead of Adele with a ten minute song if you're not making a dent outside of your fanbase.
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  9. But who got back to #1 on Billboard this week? Adele's demo has always skewed older/more casual than Taylor's, and I doubt Adele fans are holding streaming parties to get her to break records either, Easy On Me is just the bigger song in the public consciousness at the moment. That's how it always is for acts with a big fanbase - a concentrated effort to go #1 the first week which has always worked in Taylor's favor.
  10. No one's arguing the success of Easy on Me or that artists push for a first week #1, but to act like Taylor/this song isn't impacting popular culture or being listened to outside of her fan base is a bizarre take.

  11. What a great year for her
  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Spotify Wrapped is out! And of course, Taylor is my top artist ffffffff
  13. But only her fanbase listen to her!
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  14. I love the success of All Too Well (10 minute version) but they played it at the shopping center today and that felt very off
  15. It’s amazing how many of the people I follow on social media have Taylor in their top five on Spotify Wrapped, even if all of the other artists in their top five are completely different. Ubiquitous Queen.
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  16. I've already played Girl At Home (Elvira's Version) more times in three weeks than I played the original song in 9 years.
  17. I remember when her streaming numbers used to get dragged ki
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I'm so proud of her ddd. People dragged the shit out of the idea of re-records, but here she is proving that her prominence is real. She's the rare example of a physical/CD artist growing with her audience and translating to streaming. I'm so glad that the new owners of her masters are having the worst time waking up in the morning dd.
  19. I truly was not expecting a highlight of Red TV to be Girl At The Club, she really did that.
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