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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. This whole conversation bothers me so much. It really is good to see the level of support she has from her collaborators and men this time.

    It reminds me of people* who either dismiss my music taste because I like pop or people* who tell me that X doesn’t write their own music or people* who tell me that pop isn’t “real” music.

    *straight white males
  2. Maren Morris always jumping into the mix.
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  3. Funny how 9 out of the 11 tracks on his last album had at least one co-writer listed. 5 of which had 2 co-writers.

    Then again, not a single person listened to it, so I guess I can understand him feeling brave.
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  4. Isn't he a Trump/Blackburn supporter? I don't see it happening.
  5. I'm loving Twitter right now:

  6. Rumored but not confirmed!
  7. You know what I’m also tired of? Billie (and by extension Finneas, too, but this is about the girls) being used to put down other female artists. A lot of these old raggedy men see her as the edgy, “not like the other girls” cool girl but they’re the ones projecting that image onto her. Soft, girly, feminine women are just as intelligent and worthy of time and consideration. Their art is important, too. And it is art. Whether they’re vocal harmony prodigies like Ariana or once in a lifetime writers like Taylor, it’s all important work and it’s all valid. Women really can be it all and have it all.
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  8. The President of Chile has chimed in!
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  9. The quiet irony though is that this attitude itself is not isolated to just aged rockists but even commonly found amongst those who shape their entire identities around consuming the music of female pop stars. The "there's a difference between being someone who writes songs and someone who writes songs with other songwriters" sounds like a stale drag out of the depths of ATRL dddd.

    You even see Taylor's songwriting craft used to try and discredit the pen of others, perpetuating this ideas that women are inconsequential parts of the songwriting process unless and only unless their name is the only name that is ever credited. Hopefully the reality that collaboration is a healthy and integral part of pop songwriting is not lost in the conversation as Mr. Damon receives his well-deserved lashings and drags. Ignoring so would only reinforce the incorrect idea expressed that real songcraft is when one person solemnly writes by themself in their dark and dusty bedroom for authenticity's sake.
  10. The eye-rolling songwriting remarks aside, that he characterises Taylor's music as "endlessly upbeat" demonstrates an outdated, surface-level grasp of her output - it's all very *listened to the Lover singles once, heard "Love Story" on Radio 2 the other afternoon*.

    Sadly unsurprising that a female artist again comes under this scrutiny. Prod me when Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Harry Styles, Lewis Capaldi, and other white male pop acts whose PR teams traffick in varying quantities of ~real artistry~ and ~genuine musicianship~ cache are criticised to the same extent for their songwriting skills (real or perceived).
  11. Way to take a giant dump on the point everyone's making. Some people just can't help themselves, can they?
  12. Straight boring old men will always go for the safer 'proper' alternative. Even if there were two Billies, like two similar female artists writing songs from scratch and one of them dressed even slightly more sexily they'd prefer her. They like to create and move goalposts and it's always via patriarchy 'rules'. 'Yes both are good but X is not using HeR bOdY tO sElL MuSIc' and shit like that.

    'Yes Madonna is good but she relied on scandals', 'yes Gaga is good but she's too much, better when toned down', 'why does Beyonce's song need 12 cowriters Bohemian Rhapsody had one' and other ancient, pointless shit like that.

    The sad thing is I don't think he even meant to shade Taylor, he really is that out of touch and thinks 'popular, beautiful modern female star + radio hits = writing camps where they change one word' like Daily Mail readers.
  13. Lmao, I knew he wouldn't be able to resist.

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  14. She shouldn't bother. Albarn is the worst and a complete idiot and has been since 1991. Guess his latest album flopped and needed the publicity. Thats what he always does, he knows even bad publicity sells.
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  15. The way this took me back to La Roux tweeting this
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  16. Relatable teebs.
  17. – Lana Del Rey, 2020(?)
  18. I don't even listen to Taylor Swift on a regular basis, just because it just doesn't strike a cord, I guess, but what a dumb thing to say.
  19. I’ve just finished reading Just For One Day by Louise Wener and Blur’s attitude towards their female fans was gross (their backstage passes were known as “Blur jobs”).

    More topically, Louise Wener also mentioned that big Britpop bands happily passed off songs written by other people as their own work.
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  20. I listened to this coincidentally when I woke up this morning (such a great song) and then felt slightly guilty when I remembered he's on it ddd.
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