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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Oh This Love always gets me in my feels and this version is gorgeous. I love the little synth additions it gives it a feel… like a live arrangement? It’s stunning.

    I think this album is going to cost me some money…
  2. It sounds so ethereal and echoey omg. I'm ascending to heaven
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  3. Wow! Page 2 already. I've just heard this and it sounds lush, I'm so ready for 1989 TV.
  4. This is what heaven sounds like. Amazing.
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  5. This version sounds just that bit fuller and richer - from a technical standpoint I’d love to hear / see a BTS doc on how they recreate these.
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  6. It's a thing of beauty. Wow.
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  7. Echoing that this is a vast improvement on the original, which was great to begin with. I'm really excited for the whole album now.
  8. As with the other Taylor's Versions I'm not particularly impressed with the mixing on this. The more dynamic, acoustic instrumentation is gorgeous and fits the song well, but the original song benefitted from the way her voice just glides into and washes away in the mix and had this ethereal quality to it that is mostly gone with this (technically stronger) drier and less produced take.
  9. It’s strange that she hasn’t referenced Bad Blood, do we know if the version in the trailer for that Superpets film is Taylor’s Version?
  10. In losing grip
    On sinking ships
    You showed up just in time


    It's even better than the original, those backing vocals whew!
  11. I doubt she would approve any licensing that wasn't her version.
  12. Oh, this is absolutely divine! When the vocals first came in at first they caught me off guard as they're much clearer than before. The original felt more blended into the music. But the vocal here is a lot stronger and the diction much clearer, so now that I'm used to it I much prefer it - and that's coming from somebody who adores the original! When the middle 8 kicks in:

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  13. Yeah the more forward vocal mixing was a bit jarring at first, but I was sold once the ad libs and background vocals started coming through so much cleaner and stronger than the original. Her voice hasn't changed a ton since 1989, but she's really perfected the quieter, more delicate moments like this since then.
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  14. I'm jumping up and down like a stan at one of her shows because "This love" slaps.
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  15. This was a pleasant surprise to wake up to. The re-record sounds almost identical to the original. This makes me feel good that with 1989 it will be as close as possible to the original masterpiece in terms of production.
  16. This Love was already top-tier and to hear it even more perfected is quite frankly insane.

    I am also glad she released something again cause her last standing release being The Joker and The Queen is something to be buried quickly.
  17. Since Fearless/Fearless TV was all live instrumentation, I was a little nervous if Christopher Rowe would be able to pull off the Nathan tracks that had more to the production…but The Moment I Knew TV calmed my fears, and he really nailed it here. It’s almost identical, and the only differences I can hear in the production are improvements.
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  18. I love her for re-recording her songs. The only thing that bugs me is that when all the albums are rereleased, ''Lover'' will be the only one without a re-recording and vault songs and a new cover.
  19. Manifestation circle that we get Clean (Piano Version)(Taylor's Version) in addition to the album version
  20. Yes, this but also All You Had To Do Was Stay (Piano Version) please and thank you.
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