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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. She has always been so dramatic. She was never close to being cancelled.
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  2. I mean I’d say an article saying you’re an envoy for Trump’s values will hold more interest and weight than an album review but okay!
  3. What do you all consider being cancelled means? Any examples? Genuinely asking, because i feel like there isnt a general consensus on this
  4. I mean, watching Miss Americana put into context why it hit her so hard. That said though, it was a joke about wine and I really don't think it's that serious dd
  5. "Canceling" has never been a clearly defined concept and is basically empty internet slang at this point. It's been bastardized by everyone from Taylor Swift to Twitter gays to Republicans. It essentially means someone is collectively ridiculed for causing some type of controversy, not this banishment that some view it as.

    But like others have mentioned... she wasn't "canceled" to the point of losing her career. She faced large scale criticism like she hadn't before, her social currency took a dip, banished herself, and then she came back from it. She's an eager people please who took a mental hit that's obviously scarred her. I know some friends who have been the villain of the day on the Internet. Having hundreds of thousands of strangers projecting and gleefully celebrating your distress absolutely has an impact.
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  6. There is no such thing as cancel culture because powerful people can't be cancelled by their material position.
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  7. Reputation TV next confirmed!!
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  8. RMK


    I'm really over her pretending she almost lost her career, or it was other people's fault she got backlash in 2016. If she didn't lie about hearing Famous, feud with Katy, or double down on Calvin, there would've been nothing to talk about.
  9. For what it's worth, she never actually lied about Famous. Her statements to the press were consistent from the beginning, and the full phone call video supports it.
  10. I think we SHOULD talk about reputation!

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  11. These when there's ''Don't Blame Me'' and ''I Did Something Bad''? (''Delicate'' yes its amazing)
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    No they weren't. This was the first statement:
  13. There is literal proof of the phone call and nowhere does he mention that line. Give it up. We get that she can be annoying but she was not lying about this.

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  14. Did I just walk into 2016 again...

    Her speech was great. I loved it. Focusing on a wine joke she made as a punchline to a story when she was giving advice/a life lesson about making mistakes that lasted 5 seconds from a 27 minute speech is doing a lot.
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  15. I need Speak Now immediately.
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    Yes he does, at the end. It’s a switch from “owe me sex” to “might still have sex”. Are we gonna grasp at straws and say it’s worth all the dramatics? It’s obvious her initial statement was made to paint a different picture.
  17. What’s so hard to understand? The whole drama was surrounding the ‘I made that bitch famous’ line which he never mentioned to her in the video?
  18. Sis I wanna know the psychological state one has to be in to log in for the first time in like two years and this be the topic of discussion you're ready to finally discuss ddd.
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  19. Girl I don’t know where to start..

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  20. Still Taylor's best music video to this day. J*seph K*hn is garbage but he may have snapped on this one...
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