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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. The wax figure is so disgusting it should be illegal to do that.
  2. Don't Blame Me still goes off so hard the Little Reputationer in me is loving that it's having a moment to shine.
  3. Yeah, Don't Blame Me is Top 3 on reputation for me. The production absolutely knocks and she serves vocals.

  4. There will be no top 3 reputation. There will just be ‘Getaway Car’.
  6. There’s talk Taylor is going to be in my tiny hometown next week…. Joe is coming for a film festival and it’s being said Taylor will be with him!!!! Phoebe Bridgers will apparently be here too.
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  7. Sam


    I feel sorry for Taylor after watching Conversations With Friends
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  8. Getaway Car, King Of My Heart and Dancing With Our Hands Tied is my Reputation top three.

    Pop excellence, the lot of them.
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  9. Thousands of people screaming to a song that wasnt even a single, in a concert that wasnt even her own. The power her discography has all over the world will never cease to amaze me!
  10. Finally, a good song at a Louis Tomlinson concert!
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  11. In Argentina of all places!!!
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  12. Champagne Problems theaux, Heaux
  13. I'm confused as to what Louis Tomlinson would even sing at a solo concert.
  14. I’m confused as to why anybody would actually go to a Louis Tomlinson concert.
  15. I don't understand anything. That was a Louis Tomlinson gig? All those thousands of people were at a Louis Tomlinson gig? and why people were randomly singing a Taylor song? I consider myself quite the fan, and I never ever heard that song or even bout that song, the title doesn't even ring a bell lol.
  16. Don’t Blame Me’s viral moment is still going strong.
  17. I am confused he had enough good luck to book a stage (and spoke of it).
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  18. Oh where?!

    Also, can we change the thread title back to just a general re-recordings thread since there’s currently no indication 1989 is actually coming dffff
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  19. Small village called Schull in West Cork.
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  20. Why is Lover her #4 song on Spotify suddenly? Surely not TikTok?
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