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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. The only thing I remember from the Speak Now era is the Wonderstruck commercial that felt like it was everywhere for a few months. I've deluded myself into thinking this is the same for everybody & that Enchanted is a smash hit.

  2. Seems like Carolina is out this week:

  3. You just know she’s already planned out how it becomes her ninth #1 hit as the lead single from the Speak Now re-recording.

  4. Is This Love (Taylor’s Version) playing at the end of The Summer I Turned Pretty? It sounds different to the original. I can’t remember seeing it mentioned before.

    They also used The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s Version), Lover and False God throughout the season.
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  5. They released it a month ago sis!
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  6. And I knew this. Wow, I just had a very slow moment and forgot this even happened.
  7. Haunted is the worst song on Speak Now.
  8. No. No way. Not on an album with Innocent and Superman.
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  9. I prefer the acoustic version by far.
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  10. excuse me no
  11. A lot of shitty takes in this thread but this is one of the worst.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I really love Superman....
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  13. It's cute but it's one of the few bonus tracks she has where I think it should have been a bonus track.
  14. First Red getting attacked and now this? Later albums might have the odd questionable track but Speak Now is perfect the way she is and Haunted is clearly top tier on there.

    Also it was a different sound on that song she hadn’t explored before darker and more angsty but everyone is allowed their opinion even if it’s wrong.
  15. From the UK perspective of someone who consumed their music exclusively through music channels on TV - I honestly didn’t know she released anything between Love Story and We Are Never Getting Back Together. I remember seeing the vid for the latter and thinking ‘oh this girl is back! What a long break she took!’
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  16. They discussed this in-depth in The Ringer's excellent podcast retrospective of each of her albums but I do think a large part of the under performance of the Speak Now singles owes a lot to how much the Pop landscape had shifted and the fact that she wasn't ready yet to shift with it.

    The biggest singles of the year were these huge, hedonistic party songs songs like 'Tik Tok' and 'Dynamite' and I think it just wasn't the correct time in her career to be doubling down and making longer music (most of the album averages between 4-5 minutes) that actively positioned her outside of that.
  17. Looking back you can tell there was a difference, but as it was happening it felt like Mine, Back To December, Sparks Fly and Mean at least we're as big as Love Story, White Horse, You Belong With Me and Fifteen. And Fearless I guess, but that never felt as big or well-known to me. I remember hearing them all the time. Ours less so and I honestly don't remember hearing The Story Of Us on the radio at all, but did sort of know it cause my friend had a copy of the album.

    All of that said, I've been revisiting Speak Now recently and it's really struck me how young she sounds on it and I just know that her vocals on Taylor's Version will absolutely destroy me. I can't wait.
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  18. “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” felt much, much bigger than “Mine” or any of the other “Sparks Fly” singles, at least in my neck of the woods. They were truly inescapable, whereas Sparks felt like more a blockbuster album sans the big radio hits. That said, when you’re as astronomically successful as Taylor comparing the impact of her earlier projects is really just splitting hairs. All of her eras have been massive by anyone else’s standards.
  19. This conversation about Speak Now's lack (or supposed lack) of impact has really peaked here with you not once, but twice, misnaming the album ddd.
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  20. Exactly same experience in Europe!

    Anyway, is Carolina gonna be released today?
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