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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Yeah, I absolutely loved Fearless, but Speak Now barely even registered at the time. I don't think I've ever seen any of the music videos, and none of the singles feel like classics in the same way most of the surrounding albums' ones do.
  2. I also loved Fearless but Speak Now completely flew under the radar for me. Red was the next time I really got into Taylor again. So something didn’t connect there.

    But Naya Rivera introduced me to Speak Now when she brought me to tears with her version of Mine in Glee. I listened to Naya’s version so much that by the time I listened to Taylor’s it felt like a cover that didn’t sound as good as Naya’s. But luckily I gave the rest of Speak Now a try and loved it but this was all much later than the album campaign.
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  3. Innocent is indeed a contender for the worst song, but Haunted just sounds like a poor man’s Paramore. The piano version is indeed superior.

    But, at least, we can agree that the best song here is Enchanted. Should’ve been the lead single and would’ve had a chance to be a hit in a post-Owl City landscape.
  4. Ms Swift did not have the time of her life slaying dragons and moving mountains for you to ignore the best track from Speak Now like this!
  5. I did that cheesy thing of timing the playing of that song for New Year’s 2020 (THAT line, exactly) and we got a pandemic.

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  6. The Speak Now slander.... Fearless wishes it was as interesting as Speak Now.

    On another note, Carolina will be out at midnight. Pre -save link here

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  7. It’s been 84 years etc.
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  8. Is this a 1989 bonus track ?
  9. Soundtrack to the movie Where the Crawdads Are.
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  10. The tea is that Speak Now is her most consistent album pre-folklore, one of her best, and deserved to be just as big as Fearless.
  11. I didn't realize preferring Speak Now to Fearless was so controversial, especially around here?
  12. Where's that gif of Jocasta in a coat with a gentle wind blowing in her face because that's me listening to evermore right now with the airconditioner at Chromatica Antarctica temperature
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  13. I can’t believe we are in July and no sign of a rerecording, Fearless had a two month lead into it.

    I can’t see her just doing a surprise drop and would she really release two of them so close together? I know there was the double merch drop but surely not.

    If this wait it just for vinyls then….
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  14. My favourite song on Speak Now is Speak Now.
  15. You just know the success of the Red re-record probably gave her all sorts of insane ideas on how to make 1989 even bigger and now she's taking forever to see them realised.
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  16. I do hate to buy into more Swiftie theories because of the amount that are wrong but I do wonder if there really is some movement on her buying the original masters.

    I think the latest I saw on that was that Blake Lively used a Reputation song on her instagram, I know Taylor can’t release that yet but it is odd that with everything that’s happened a good friend would use a song she doesn’t own…
  17. Or she just wanted to use the song.
  19. This is what I think too, Red doing 605k in the US first week even with a long and very quiet (until release week) rollout has probably got her and her team doing overtime into what she wants to do with 1989 to make it even more of an event. The vinyl wait might be contributing to the delay too with that she doesn't want to announce it with such a big gap like Red, but I'm fairly convinced it's been done for a while since she was able to release Wildest Dreams and This Love randomly.
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  20. Speak Now is not one of my personal favourites but I can't deny as an album it is kinda flawless. It is the perfect capsule of Taylor's writing at that time, it's very melodramatic in places and at times immature but also has moments of intense maturity. 'Dear John' for example is one of her absolute best and I can't wait to hear it with her 2022 vocal.
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