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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. This is quite beautiful, she sounds wonderful.
  2. I’d love her to do an All Too Well with New Romantics and for it to become the massive hit it was destined to be.
  3. After seeing how lucrative the TV releases have been there's no way she would skip on the opportunity to do 4 more dd.
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  4. The delays are probably related to the trademarking issues. Some Swiftie explained the random merch drops were related to her trying to demonstrate her old trademarks are still active, so she can then claim Speak Now TV and 1989 TV
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  5. Maybe I’m just greedy! I’m just keen to get through these re-recordings, I know we’ve already been spoilt and for me to say I would like them done within 3 years is asking a lot but...

    In my fantasy we’ve already played Speak Now Taylor’s Version to death and we’re getting ready for 1989 Taylor’s Version to drop this autumn when she announces the Taylor’s Version Stadium Tour for next Summer, which she can drop Reputation alongside… Capping it off with Taylor Swift Taylor’s Version for Christmas 2023.

    The idea she’s bought her masters helps me sleep at night knowing that isn’t happening…
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  6. She’s gonna do these re-recordings whether she’s bought her masters back or not. There’s too much money to be made and too many unreleased songs to be released. Stans would break if she didn’t haha
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  7. I doubt she would buy them back out of principal at this point and surely there must be some loop hole that would stop this between S****** and shamrock aren’t they tied together?

    I will revolt if we don’t get the Debut re-recording I need to know if she’s still telling people he’s gay for crying out loud.
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  8. First look at Taylor from the Amsterdam trailer:
  9. Yeah, I highly doubt she'd stop with the re-recordings....she knows the fans are excited about them and she isn't one to not follow through on her promises. Besides, she's probably done recording most of them by now. And yeah, the Red TV era was both a big commercial success as well as a really special moment for her and the fans, so I'm sure they are going to try and get what they can out of these.

    I could, however, see her doing another big mini era for 1989 and then just dropping the rest in quick succession (or all at once).
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  10. I mean I guess she could still technically release EPs of the unreleased songs at some point if she did decide not to complete the re-recordings, but Taylor being Taylor I'd imagine she'd want to complete the job. The silence is definitely weird though.
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  11. She has basically released a full 14-track album last year from the vault tracks alone, with two full albums the year prior and then a full album the year before that.
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  12. I get no-one likes waiting, but if she just churned out these re-recordings one after the other in quick succession, people (as in, non-stans) would probably start losing interest after a while. It makes sense to space them out a bit.
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  13. Considering my luck when it comes to big pop girl career choices, it wouldn't be so surprising if she decided to just quietly drop the re-recordings really...
  14. She's too much of a business woman to not follow through on the rest. Personally, I'm interested to see what next new album will sound like... I'd love her to fully embrace the alternative rock/dream pop edges but I also don't trust her not to try and go after radio with more Me/Shake It Off disasters.
  15. Yeah, I'm hardly starved for Taylor Swift content. I'm just concerned by how much of a mess the 1989 rollout is. There's been a few points where it felt like we were in the verge of an announcement and she went silent. I'm just... confused nn.
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  16. This is how I feel dddd. I don't mind the waiting but the teasing and pulling back is weird.
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  17. Part of what made Red TV so great was the timing. I've always expected 1989 to be an end of summer going into Autumn affair and that looks likely so...
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  18. Imagine if we had the Taylor Version.
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  19. The fact that somewhere in a vault, within a vault are the re-recordings waiting to be heard.

    I really thought we would be getting one every six months but who knows at this point and of course we’ve had so much but we know they are there plus if she wants to tour soon and she’s probably written like 2 new albums at this point.
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