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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. I wish she would just release 1989 TV without Shake It Off... just tack the song onto the album digitally after the fact once the trial is sorted.
  2. That would be ideal.
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  3. Shake It Off is the only song stopping 1989 from being a perfect album. I’ll even let Bad Blood stay.
  4. Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one not liking ''Shake it Off''. I mean, I will dance to it when it comes on the radio but it really stands out in ''1989'' and not in a good way. Am I making sense?
  5. ....... but she gets that reception with everything. Yes, there are the fans who finally got their fill of Taylor doing "real" music (i.e anything that isn't made for top 40), but when has Taylor Swift not had critics creaming themselves over every album? She's won Album of the Year 3 TIMES. Even Reputation - her alleged backlash album where SHE ALMOST LOST HER ENTIRE CAREER!!!!! was largely well received.

    She does not need to do "serious indie music" to get positive reception. She gets positive reception for practically everything she commits to sheet music.
  6. Yeah this is a very fair point, in that I don't think 'reception' will be the primary driver of the sound. What I actually meant was she achieved new artistic highs with Folklore and Evermore, and that I can't see her doing anything that feels like a step backwards from the songwriting and vocal qualities of those two records. Less about the reception, more about the affirmation of how she approached those records and the people she collaborated with.
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  7. Shake it Off is an absolute banger, I will hold this opinion until my death.
  8. I literally started stanning with that song on August 18th, 2014. So this is a hill im fully willing to die on: Shake It Off is one of her best songs!
  9. alright look I don’t need THIS kinda heat on me.
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  10. I also love Shake it off, genius song and genius lyrics.
    Not sure what she's gonna do next, another album in the same vein as folklore/evermore would be overkill but don't think she's ever gonna do another song as childish and silly as Me!
  11. Shake It Off belongs to a Cheetah Girls album.
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  12. Crazy how much the idea that Shake It Off lawsuit is what keeping her from releasing 1989 has spread. I mean, it *could* be, but it's just a fan theory, and she could easily release the album with the song in it regarding the lawsuit. If she wins, good for her. If she doesn't, she only has to pay royalties. That's it. I keep thinking the fans made the whole legal stuff bigger than it really is
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  13. 100% I mean this is Taylor I’m sure she has a plan.
  14. Shake It Off is cute, it was definitely her most juvenile sounding lead single up to that point (before ME! came in and swooped that title) but it served its purpose. Taylor is at her best when she does songs that have more depth than that obviously, but yeah.
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  15. Shake It Off does kind of slap nn that last blast of horn at the end... that's music.
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  16. Like, I understand not wanting to be in the club with straight white women but...when this song strikes, it is a meteor that shakes them to their entire core.
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  17. Y'all Shake It Off apologists are the reason we got *e!.
  18. and
  19. it is a lot of fun to dance in a crowd that is enthusiastic, vas.
  20. I'll never be in a club with straight women while Shake It Off is playing so it's a bit utopic but okay, handsome
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