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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. This is what I am wondering as well. The prospect of 1989 without Max is unthinkable.
  2. We already have Wildest Dreams, This Love and Bad Blood and they sound fine to these ears.
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  3. Both of these definitely sound promising. If there's never a Lover re-release it'd be nice if she put them on reputation TV at least, not the same era but they're still from around the same period.
  4. I don’t even need to hear a note of these songs to know they should’ve replaced the first two singles from Lover on the track listing.
  5. The first one is giving invisible string which is one of her most beautiful sentiments on record.

    Lover is… absolutely not a good album. The period of time when all we had was the first two singles was the absolute pits of her career. But it is interesting how that album ended up having flashes of brilliance that indicated where her approach and headspace would go with folklore and evermore. Not a ‘bridge’ album by any means but the throughlines to what would come next are pretty evident.
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  7. All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylors Version) by Taylor Swift is gonna be quite a mouthful.
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    Don't forget (From the Vault)!
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    Did anyone else's Red come in a case with such a wide gap on the left?
    (I got it in store so I suppose it's legit but it does look really off)

  10. My love for the new album has brought me into another Taylor binge and honestly, ‘Clean’ has always been one of her very best and the one I’m most excited to hear re-recorded right now. I’m hoping part of the vault tracks for 1989 are collaborations with Imogen Heap.
  11. Can you believe today it is 16 years since Taylor released her debut album?

    The album has such a special place in my heart, and some of the songs are still in my recurrent playlist. Tim McGraw, Mary's Song, Our Song ... Can't wait to hear TV's of it. I think it's one of the re-recordings I'm looking forward to the most.

  12. I’m 100% with you on it being the album I’m most looking forward to the re-recording of, I just can’t wait to hear her tackle these songs with her current voice.

    I listened to it in the run up to Midnights and I really don’t think it’s her worst album and I really hope the re-recording means a re-evaluation from a lot of fans.

    I remember buying a copy while on holiday in the US so a lot of positive memories for me too.
  13. I...can't believe it's officially 16 years to the day...the synergy of that is insane. My bestie (who mildly likes a few Taylor songs) and I are going on a walk through the woods while listening to RED (cause it's my favorite album and she wants to hear it and I want her to because she loves fall and today is like the perfect weather for it) and generally gonna have a Taylor day (gonna watch the 1989 and reputation tour movies and hopefully Speak Now as well) and the fact that it's just happening to fall on this anniversary is really cool to me.
    It's definitely one I'm most excited for because her voice sounds mostly good on the album, but I just know she'll sound amazing now. I hope I'd Lie is one of the Vault Songs.
  14. Tim McGraw (Taylor's Version) is going to take me out
  15. The debut is legitimately the only rerecording I'm truly perched to hear. It'll be a radical change with her new voice, and I think she'll be liberal with the production changes (or she should be, in any case). The songs are largely lovely, but marred by her OG voice.
  16. I personally hope she still attempts the twang.
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  17. I can’t wait to finally listen to the debut dddd. Outside of the singles I’ve never touched it.
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  18. Do we think she's going to put on the fake country accent, or will it essentially be a pop re-reimagining?
  19. For what the re-recordings are meant to accomplish, I would think as close as possible to the original for the singles at LEAST
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  20. Take me back to the creek beds we turned up
    2 a.m. riding in your truck
    And all I need is you next to me
    Take me back to the time we had our very first fight
    The slamming of doors 'stead of kissing goodnight
    You stayed outside 'til the morning light
    Oh, my, my, my, my


    Mary's Song remains a banger!
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