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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.


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    Cold as You (Taylor's Version) is going to take me out
  2. You're beautiful
    Every little piece, love; don't you know?
    You're really gonna be someone
    Ask anyone
    And when you find everything you've looked for
    I hope your love leads you back to my door
    Oh, but if it don't, stay beautiful

  3. I'm excited to see which "vault" songs she pulls out for the debut re-record, like how many more Liz Rose co-writes are we gonna get?
  4. I NEED Dark Blue Tennessee.
  5. I'm not worried about the accent, because she did a slight twang in I Bet You Think About Me and it's one of her best songs for me now.
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  6. I have....

    never heard a song all the way through off the debut. So the Taylor's Version will be a brand new album for me
  7. It was being discussed in the other thread, but here's Twitter thread with a summary of all the "Easter Eggs" on the Bejewelled music video that point to Speak Now being the next re-recording

  8. She's really not releasing 1989 until the legal issue with Shake It Off is resolved.
  9. Speak Now TV is the one I want the most so I hope these rather obvious hints aren't a red herring.

    I got into Taylor from the original Red so I didn't experience Speak Now at the time aside from a few of the tracks but it has since become a favourite.
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  10. At this point I do wonder if the plans ever really changed, we assumed that this year was going to be Speak Now then 1989 but it’s clear from her only re-recording Clean the other day that that was never going to happen.

    I think we were just a year ahead and I’m expecting Speak Now March/April time next year and then 1989 October/November, I guess if it is still tied up in court she’ll switch it to reputation but I would take a guess she’ll have to make a call on that very soon.
  11. Each floor representing each album, I can’t.
  12. So she goes from Speak Now to 1989 then back to Midnights. If anything, I suppose the rerecordings will be out before the tour commences.
  13. I really hope this is true actually. I think it’s a joy for her and fans that she’s found so much success with both the re-recorded version of Fearless and Red, but at this point I feel like every re-record is gonna be well received commercially so she doesn’t have to drag things out.
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  14. I would be surprised if 1989 TV wasn’t a big October/November release next year. She’ll want to milk that one for all it’s worth and it’s the last heavy hitting album left to re-record. Speak Now makes sense as one to drop earlier in the year while she prepares to tour.
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  15. Safe & Sound (Taylor’s Version) is going to eviscerate us.
  16. Mvnl

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    I’m really so here for these re-recordings cause I didn’t get fully on board until 1989 and never quite enough to really dive into the older albums that now also just sound a little too.. young for me?
    But I pretty much loved every single song on Red TV (oddly Evermore and Folklore didn’t quite click)
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  17. If the largest orchestra ever assembled isn't brought together for Enchanted (Taylor's Version) then what is the point?

    If the most poofy prom dresses ever sewn aren't in the video for Enchanted (Taylor's Version) then what is the POINT??????????
  18. If Enchanted (Taylor's Version) doesn't get the single treatment and slay the charts, then what is the point?
  19. Enchanted (Taylor’s Version) will most definitely be the single. There’s no doubt about it.
  20. Yeah I’d be shocked if Enchanted wasn’t the song they pushed with a video, performance and possible radio push. That being said I would also equally love if Sparks Fly became the world conquering smash it 100% deserved to be!

    Speak Now is by far the re-recording I’m most looking forward to. I didn’t appreciate the album when it first came out at all, my sister played Mean to death in the car and to be honest it kinda ruined the album for me. But over the years I’ve started to love pretty much every track, even Mean to an extent.
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