Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Speak Now is my favorite album of her’s. I wear a necklace of it. It was like peak Taylor for me before she really starting breaking through mainstream with Red and other people starting claiming her outside of early Swifties. The entire era was so magical and whimsical, like a musical rom com. It came out my senior year of college, Long Live soundtracked graduation. When she came back to streaming, the first thing I played was Sparks Fly (Live) and I cried at my desk there’s more to this as to why

My all time Top 5 songs from her has 3 from this album in it. Enchanted has always been included in that, so it’s been amazing to finally see it get the recognition I’ve always known it deserves as an album cut

Taylor’s Versions of these songs will absolutely end me, they’re the ones I’m looking forward to most so you can imagine how these Easter eggs are making me spiral
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Just saw that mockup and well I would buy a reputation TV vinyl with that cover regardless of Max Martin involvment

Posting this here because I think it makes more sense but honestly, Midnights happening as an album with it's lyrics and concept makes a lot of sense. She's been going through all of her old albums and songs, not just the released ones but ones that hadn't seen the light of day before. That's naturally going to bring up a lot of memories and unresolved feelings and naturally she's going to write about it. I get why people thing it's regressive/been done before/covers previous topics run dry but it makes sense why it exists and it doesn't make the lyrics any less impactful in my opinion.

I'm extremely excited for Speak Now (TV) as well. I just know Mine, Never Grow Up and Long Live are gonna hit different after all these years and Dear John, Enchanted and Last Kiss will eviscerate me. Her voice improved on each album but Speak Now is when it started to get more obviously stronger, but her adult voice now will surely destroy us in it's path and I'm extremely excited to hear the vault songs. Kinda hoping for another song that destroys John Mayer and fingers crossed Battle makes it.
I wonder if it's coming sooner than we expected? I was thinking probably April again for it, but extreme amount of the Easter eggs in the music video and Spotify's caption makes me (probably wrongly) hope we'll hear it sooner rather than later.