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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Too bad they didn't nominate the Phoebe duet! The grammys are useless!
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  2. I just really fucking love Message In A Bottle. Can’t believe she had it in the vault all those years.
  3. Imagine Max's version!
  4. 26 fans have launched a lawsuit against Ticketmaster, in addition to the antitrust investigation by the department of justice.
    The lawsuit: https://deadline.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/E383193070.pdf

    The fans:
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  5. Behind the Scenes of All Too Well

  6. Wide Eyed Gays Assemble!!!
  7. The Shake It Off lawsuit has been dropped! Now announce 1989 Taylor’s Version tomorrow!
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  8. Happy Birthday etc etc ….. where’s Speak Now TV
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  9. Yeah it’s kinda fucked when you think about it.
  10. I really convinced myself that she would announce Speak Now on her birthday. Clown make-up applied.
  11. I think/hope we’ll get Speak Now in Spring then 1989 late Summer/Autumn.

    I feel pretty confident there won’t be any direct overlap between ‘new’ eras and the re-recordings so until we get the final music video(s) for Midnights I don’t see any announcements coming.

    I would imagine they’ll go all in with 1989 as well, they’ll definitely want bigger numbers than Red (and maybe even Midnights…).
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  12. Three and Three, March 3rd?
  13. The fact that it’s a Friday too. Gag.
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  14. Not to be all Twitter Swiftie, but the 3 & 3 could be a hint to her re-recording Reputation, her 6th album?
  15. It could also be 33, which is the age she was turning. I do not discard the possibility that it means something else too, but i feel like we've reached a point where we're seeing clues when there aren't any
  16. The remix she released at the start of this year has somehow become one of my favourite songs of 2022. I’m obsessed!
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  17. That mix goes off. I love it!
  18. That's the obvious thought but we know that Taylor does work like that. I find the March 3rd theory surprisingly strong because Midnights should be done by that and it would be a perfect lead in for the Eras Tour. So even if she didn't want to send hidden messages this time it would be one that makes sense.
  19. I think that point was reached a LONG time ago dd
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