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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. I was wondering the same. Maybe Big Machine owns the masters even though they were unreleased since they funded those studio sessions. If that’s the case I’m surprised her contract allowed her to release them too since they were completely unreleased and can’t be classed as covering her own songs. I’m glad she found a way though because they’re great songs.
  2. WOW


    Bad Blood should be relatively fine. Taylor and Katy have publicly made up so it can be passed off as a “oh look how far we’ve come lol” moment like Forever & Always (Taylor’s Version) has been with Joe.

    The shaming in Better than Revenge is a little more problematic so it will be interesting to see what happens there.
  3. What did Liz say in her tweet? Her account is locked.
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  4. A fan account posted a screenshot of an Instagram post in the tweet, which was this:

    Also, after some thinking and a few listen comparisons, I think this will be replacing the original completely. It has all of the wonderful parts with none of the issues the originals might have, and it's just a more satisfying listen I think, wich is insane but it works so well.
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  5. Not this going viral. Business tips from our very own Ellen-slayer!
  6. This issue may have been addressed already, but just in case it hasn't:

    Will sales/streams of Taylor's Version count toward future certifications of Fearless or will the RIAA treat it like a different entity? Anyone have info on this?
  7. Also, every Platinum Edition track was elevated by the re-recordings.
    And I have the album listed as a 2008 release now I've replaced the original with it, cause it was weird to have a random jump from debut to Speak Now on iTunes dddd.
  8. It’s a different entity. She technically released a covers album. It came up before because the media tried to create a story around how she could even submit it for the Grammys next year but she won’t do that.
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  9. State of Grace (feat Kelly Clarkson) (Taylor’s Version)

    but for real, get her on a vault track
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  10. Ok but on the topic of State of Grace, the fact we got both versions of Forever & Always on Fearless (Taylor’s Version) means we’ll probably get both versions of State of Grace when she re-releases Red. A new vocal take on the acoustic version....I’m fearing for my life.
  11. “You Belong With Me” is such a classic!
  12. I think I said yeehaw? This album is bop after bop. I’m so glad she redid it because I may have never checked it out otherwise. Really nice stuff here.
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  13. I just have to say that, Breathe and Untouchable sent me into a shaking pool of emotions. Wig

    Edit: Add We Were Happy and we have a holy trinity.
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  14. As someone who never listened Fearless, i really like it so far. Tell Me Why is a BOP and i think Fearless and White Horse are my favorites so far. Fifteen is a bit doe eyed but it gets a pass, considering she was a teenager / young adult.
  15. As many others of you have said, I've now replaced the original with this two-disc 2008 Fearless. Will keep the CD for completionist reasons though.

    Do radio stations, TV shows etc have any obligation to play her new versions?
  16. Yes they have, Taylor owns the "abstract" of the songs and is blocking the old versions in every possible way, but she can't remove they completely from the market (unfortunately), but in the future, the only versions that she'll let others use on movie/tv will be the new versions
  17. Here’s an interesting thread explaining it
  18. LMAO that people are now coming round to Fearless when it’s always been her joint best album with 1989.
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  19. Sam





  20. Not really though.
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