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Taylor Swift - Re-Recordings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

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    The way this latest imperial phase keeps going on.
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  2. A representative for Taylor says the album will be faithful to the original.
  3. I would imagine the original recordings would be included in the masters that Taylor doesn't own.
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  4. I wonder will this make Scooter/Disney/whoever shit their pants a bit and sell the rest of the originals back to her for a reasonable price before they’re worthless.

    I’m so glad she’s including extras, deluxe tracks, soundtrack tracks etc. I know JoJo probably didn’t have the budget but I was worried Taylor might ignore them too. She’s literally giving us everything we’d ever want so we can’t even complain she didn’t do a track.
  5. I only became interested around 1989, though I knew the singles from RED and previous albums so this is very exciting. I haven’t explored her discography much and a lot of these songs will be totally new to me.
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  6. 26 tracks???? She really can't help but doing the absolute most every time sksksk. A boss move though.

    Fearless is firmly in my Bottom 3 of Taylor's albums but I'm kinda perched to hear it with competent vocals this time, maybe Fifteen and Change will finally sound good!
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  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm stunned by all of this. The artwork, whew. She's really making this into an event.

    The mind of a mastermind, honestly. Maybe I shouldn't say this as a Swiftie but I haven't been all that excited about the re-recordings (where are the evermore long pond sessions?!), but you better believe I'm perched for the six bonus tracks!
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  8. I just paid attention to the fact that Breathe (Taylor's Version) still features Colbie Caillat. Wonder if Colbie recorded new vocals too? She probably had to, right?


    April 9th =
    4 + 9 = 13

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  9. That cover is STUNNING jesus
  10. *stares in No Body No Crime*
  11. I have so many thoughts!! The cover is absolutely beautiful, and such a perfect nod to the original cover. I think it's good that the new versions stay true to the original. Releasing ALL of the bonus songs from that era + extras from the vault??


    Even though 'Love Story' and 'White Horse' were the first songs that I listened to with Taylor before secretly stanning 1989, I'm not super familiar with the whole Fearless-era, regional bonus tracks and such included. So this feels like a new era for me in a way which is so exciting!

    A question regarding the vinyl, do you think it will be released worldwide as a regular black vinyl/just like evermore and folklore later in the year, and this is just a first limited edition sold exclusively on her website?
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  12. The cover is stunning and I like the parallels to the original cover. Fearless is not really my gig though so I'm just gonna sit on the side with evermore until Red (Taylor's Version).
  13. I am loving that this album is going to feel new again and we'll get to hear songs from the vault completed, I'm so here for this campaign.
    According to the Guardian article, these will sound faithful to the originals, so it'll be interesting to see how the synths turn out sounding on 1989 and Reputation. Also, hoping Sweeter Than Fiction finally gets a home on 1989.
  14. But seriously, Taylor should buy a vinyl-plant at the rate she's going to work exclusively for her. There is too much delay, having Folklore only in December was crazy late, and this new one in August is equally crazy.
  15. Vinyl ordered! I am so excited to hear these new versions.

    God, I hope so! Her voice has only gotten better since the original was recorded.
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  16. Yeah I'm a bit more scared of disappointment when it comes to the re-recordings of her later albums, but if she's working with both Max Martin and Jack again I'm sure they'll do a fantastic job with it.
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  17. LTG


    I find it hard enough replying to emails, yet Taylor’s got so much done this pandemic
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  18. The amount of material she has unleashed in the past year alone is insane. Good for her though, stick it to The Man.
  19. Is this the single cover for real? What kind of bad art project is this

  20. Surely she won’t have done a photoshoot for the Fearless release only to use that as a single cover...
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