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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version) and Renegade (Out Now)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. I still think 1989 is heavily overrated, but I'm totally willing to re-discover it again with the re-recording. I haven't listened to it in full in years.

    (I used to find Fearless very overrated too, and the new version made me really love it, so bring 1989 TV!)
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  2. There's new 1989 merch on her store. We need an announcement Taylor

  3. My heart literally stopped when I saw that massive EST 1989 across the merch, thinking she announced it
  4. Ok but it has to be next week right? I get last week she wanted to give evermore the full attention to give it that push to #1, but like...it's time.
  5. Yeah the fact that she blew some of her merch load early makes me think this was a warning siren. I'm ready.
  6. I really hope it’s Wildest Dreams that’s released as the lead (if the release strategy is similar to Fearless TV) and not Shake it Off. I know all signs point to it being the former but it still feels like a potential threat!
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  7. Nobody needs Shake It Off in 2021, please come through for us Wildest Dreams.
  8. Our favorite word, “soon”

  9. Taylor Swift releasing content, what a bold prediction.
  10. Imagine if we’re all expecting 1989 and she’s like “Lol, have the debut instead”
  11. Honestly wouldn’t hate that
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  12. Would suit me fine as it's the one most in need of improved vocals
  13. Surely the merch drop and the coloring is a hint but I could also see her doing more than one album at once?
  14. It's a fairly quiet week on the album release front, this weekend marks the 15th anniversary of Taylor putting out her debut single, and Friday is Sc**t*r Br**n's birthday...
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  15. Nah she wouldn’t risk cannibalizing one of these from going #1 by putting out 2 at once
  16. Right, the fans expecting her to drop 1989-Red-Speak Now at once really think she'd ruin the chances of setting more records?
  17. The Swifties have had it.

    #1989TaylorsVersion has also been trending on Twitter.
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  18. @Babyface this you? Dddf
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