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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version) and Renegade (Out Now)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. I really think this is going to happen
  2. I think Fearless proved she isn't going to change anything about these songs? I don't think I Knew You Were Trouble will change much.
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  3. She's gonna sell this as overpriced merch isn't she?

    Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 9.12.45 PM.png
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  4. Honestly for as “of its time” as the production on I Knew You Were Trouble is, it still absolutely slaps 9 years later. It’s a stone cold classic at this point and I will never be over it peaking at #2 despite selling over 500k downloads in a single week because of Bruno fucking Mars and his deathgrip on radio.
  5. She's already started promoting it.
  6. Listening to Red right now and the strings in The Last Time are going to end me on the re-release in Dolby Atmos. Hopefully Gary Lightbody will be replaced with Justin Vernon.
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  7. Wake me up when she re-releases 1989 or Reputation

  8. 15 years…I’m fucking ancient.
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  9. Stay sleeping sis it’s for the best.
  10. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Olivia replacing Ed on Everything Has Changed please.
  11. Bon Iver, Orville Peck, Olivia Rodrigo, Griff, Lorde please please anyone but Ed.
  12. I find Ed inoffensive in Everything Has Changed. It's one of the few occasions in which I don't really mind him. He is simply there
  13. I actually like Ed on Everything Has Changed but I still want him replaced just based on principal.
  14. Why would she even consider replacing him? For sure she doesn’t despise him. Sadly.
  15. RJF


    I would be interested to know the approach and logistics to the re-recording. I initially thought that she's been doing the albums in blocks, but then I don't get why she would licence "Wildest Dreams" for some dumb animated horsegirl movie if the plan wasn't to release 1989 next. She did almost the entire album with Max Martin and Shellback... so why not just bang out the rest of the album if you were already doing that? Red has a more scattered list of collaborators that would presumably be harder to pull together. Particularly for thirty tracks.

    If she's going to have breaks as long as this for each album and really stretch the re-recording process out over three years then I can see things getting a little... tedious. Especially when she's down to, what, Reputation and the debut? Hmm. I'm convinced that vinyl production back up is almost entirely to blame for this (as this will be four records presumably?!) but it'll be interesting to see the timeline when all is said and done.
  16. Do you think she will release We Are Never Getting Back Together as the lead single or do you think she might switch it up?
  17. WOW


    I hope she switches it up. Love Story as the lead single made sense since it’s a fan/GP favourite and had the “we were both young when I first saw you” opening. WANGBT has goodwill but not as much and might not play fantastically in the soundscape of today.

    Call me daring but I could see State of Grace or Holy Ground as the lead?
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  18. I adore State of Grace, so it would be great to see it as the lead.

    I think it would definitely be interesting to see her put out some non-singles as leads for the re-releases going forward. It could open up the opportunity for visuals, too.
  19. I did not remember hearing about this. I thought the 3 songs that made the album were the only 3 ones they did together previous to 1989
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  20. Maybe doing these re-records was a bad idea
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