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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. She really did that with 1989 didn’t she?
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  2. The crisp clarity of this rerecording gives me shivers; you can hear the individual, layered instrumentation so much more (as with the Fearless TV re-recordings). If the rest of the rerecords come out as pristinely, I worry for my heart- Out of the Woods hitting this hard... Style... State of Grace...
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  3. This is the song of the year, no really…
  4. My body is not ready for Out of the Woods (Taylor’s Version)! Or This Love for that matter!
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  5. Her actual voice sounds leaps and bounds better on this one, but I do think I prefer the dreamier vocal production of the original. Still, this song was already a 10.5 and it's now a 10.4 or a 10.6 depending on which part of the song it is so you'll see no complaints from me.
  6. Her power is insane. Over 2 million streams in under 4 hours, immediately beating the original version's record for most single day plays (which was only set a couple days ago).
  7. I love the production on this version, it definitely feels fuller and more lush than the original but I'm kind of meh on her vocals. The original had more of a dreamlike, whimsical tone to it and I feel like it's not quite captured here but that's not to say she doesn't sound great and vastly improved. I think I mentioned this when the re-recorded Fearless came out, but where they've placed her voice on a lot of the new versions of the songs sounds...off to me. Like I feel like her voice has this weird tone to it and it doesn't feel like it meshes perfectly with everything else going on with the production and instrumentation. Maybe it's just because I've heard the originals in stereo for over a decade and that's what I'm used to. I don't know if this makes any sense as I'm not great at putting stuff like this into words. As most of us have already talked about, I'm not expecting an improvement on 1989 since it was really only on the first two albums where her vocals were a setback. 1989 is truly such a near perfect album already in my opinion, so while I'm not really all that excited for the re-recorded versions of 1989, I am really looking forward to the vault tracks. This also makes me wonder if it's true that it was done and meant to be released next.
  8. I can kinda see what you mean. If I do have one complaint about this new version, I think they kind of relied a bit too much on the autotune in a few spots rather than having a more "hands on" approach with fine tuning spots that might have needed it. There are some parts that sound a bit too much like they're plainly landing on each note, which kind of takes away from the natural inflections.

    Also though, after listening to the originals for so long and hearing an "almost identical but with different vocals" version, it can sound a bit "off" at first and I think might just take some getting used to. I remember thinking a handful of the Fearless TV songs sounded off at first but I think I just needed to get used to them...now I think they pretty much all blow the originals out the water.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Soooooo....when is Mine going viral on TikTok? I NEED the Speak Now era soon Taylor PLEASE!
  10. RJF


    I'm... confused as to how there's clearly a version of "Wildest Dreams" that brings it into line with the 1989 Tour's more thunderous version which was used for the trailer of that horse girl movie, but we're getting what is essentially a carbon copy with slightly better vocals served to us instead. Are we going to get the alternate version as one of the 1989 extras?

    I feel like she kinda needs to start just... chucking this stuff out without as much ceremony. Like by the looks of things it's clearly all there waiting to stymie Scooter Braun cashing in on a two day TikTok meme. I'm guessing vinyl is the big hold up as they probably want these re-issues to all hit No.1.
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  11. I don’t understand how people are forgetting what the entire purpose of these re-recordings is…
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  12. She's obviously going to re-record the album version that the GP streams (and that is currently her #1 most streamed song) over the radio/music video/tour versions which are more explosive/thunderous. Those were never even put on streaming, iTunes, etc. The whole point behind these re-recordings is her trying to own her official music which would be the album version.

    Wildest Dreams TV might sound like a carbon copy to the casual listeners, but it managed to capture the ethereal feel of the original with better production and stronger vocals in my opinion.

    Hopefully the "Enchanted Dreams" mix is one of the vault tracks though.
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  13. RJF


    I know the purpose, thank you very much, which makes the method of release even stranger. She's clearly now sitting on songs that could be making her money rather than Scooter. Is she going to sit on them for another year while vinyl plants catch up unless a TikTok trend forces her hand? She announced Red months ago with nothing and still hasn't released anything from that either.
  14. Wow, improving a perfect song and making it sound even more lush and vast and boundless. Fucking go off. Let her have it whatever way she wants it, she knows what she's doing. I'll keep happily lapping up everything we get if it's this level of quality.
  15. Um I don’t think you do. The argument at question was why she isn’t releasing the “tour mix” of this song, your entire first paragraph…not why it’s taking awhile to put all of these new recordings out. Entirely separate points.
  16. RJF


    No, I was wondering why we were teased with what was clearly a different version of the song only to get the original anyway, before wondering if this new version was going to turn up as one of the bonus tracks. So if you could tell me why that happened, I would love to know, since you're obviously so clued up as to what's happening.
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  17. Not sure why you’re feeling the need to spew passive aggressive tones here but ok. I’m simply trying to say there were 2 separate arguments to your post, and remind why these re-recordings are happening to begin with, as there are multiple posts questioning why she isn’t doing anything different with the production of these new tracks (which I didn’t even quote your post btw). It’s supposed to be a carbon copy of the source material, so she can own the masters of these original songs. The tease in the trailer was using a remix to build hype for the movie, whatever it may be, that happens a lot when a song is licensed out for promotional purposes.

    I entirely agree with your second point of the strange release schedule she’s doing with this roll out, it makes absolutely no sense. I’m sure the vinyl release delays does play into it, as we also saw with Fearless getting delayed due to Drake. And I’m sure there are other reasons only she knows of, because my friends at her label are completely out of the loop as well as to what her plans are until the last minute.
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  18. Does this mean the tea was true about her being the singer whose team was offended that Max wanted full-prices to do these re-recordings?

    She really has improved so much vocally. Her work for many years was about the strength of her lyrics, but she's at a point now where she can take in being perfectly competent as a singer too. Sadly, the re-recording lacks the oomph the original had (the drums maybe?) and I worry that'll be repeated throughout the project when so much of the huge pop moments from 1989 are made from how big and brash they sound.

    I don't accept a version of Out of the Woods that doesn't instantly make me feel like I'm running from a real-life version of Jumanji.
  19. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    She really should just start randomly releasing tracks like this. The albums themselves will no doubt go number 1 regardless. Jumping into songs randomly is a much better celebration of her expansive discography than these months long lead ups towards albums we’re all already familiar with.
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  20. WOW


    I have to say I love her new vocals on the bridge. The deeper “Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just preteeeeeeend…” really makes me excited for the new vocals on 1989 TV which I didn’t think I would be
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