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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Maybe Max was simply too busy? Shellback was an integral part of the process from what little we saw on behind the scenes videos and her voice notes, so it's not as if nobody from the original team of producers is working on this re-recordings
  2. Yeah, we don't actually know why Max didn't work on this yet, and I believe one of the theories that they "delayed" 1989 or whatever happened was because he was too busy to work on it and Taylor wanted him to contribute, but that may be something my sleep deprived brain just came up with right now ddd.
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  3. At the end of the day, the creative part of the production job doesn't need to be done again since they know exactly what they're doing with it. She did get one of the two guys from the original team back on board since he knows the ropes enough to replicate what they previously did. The instrumental sounds pretty much identical to the original version, so I don't think it was necessary to pull Max in just to re-create these tracks.

    Besides, Max is obviously an in-demand producer...it might have been tough to get him available to re-produce all 21 songs they've done together.
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  4. her hair is unkempt being a frequent theme since folklore has me hollering.

    The versions sound pretty much identical to me. Vocals are better for sure. Honestly it's always been a diet Born To Die album track and while that's good, it's never been a huge revelation to me either. 11/10? In this discography? Mm.

    Also RIP to the seagulls sweater.
  5. Doesn't Max basically just provide a finishing touch to his minions' work anyway? As long as Shellback, etc. are involved, I think that's sufficient.
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  6. Judging from the photos and videos we’ve seen he was very hands on with 1989 and reputation. It was just Taylor, Shellback and him in the studio not the entire Wolf Cousins army.
  7. The vocals are better, I guess, but I agree with whoever said this version sounds a bit anemic in comparison. I hope she releases the Spirit version soon.
  8. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Good for her!
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  9. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is still pulling in more than double the daily streams of the original version - the only song from the original version that is currently outstreaming the re-recorded version is You Belong With Me (likely due to the original being featured on a number of playlists while the re-recordings don’t have much playlist support).
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  10. I didn't even realise the Spirit version was different.
    Are these new photos? I actually love them. She looks gorgeous and it really does give me "1989 but make it 2021," whereas the single cover only gave me "oh, Taylor made a Hudson's Bay blanket into a sweater."
    1989 being the highest... I get that it's probably because of the Tik Tok, but honestly, talent always wins. Who wants to bet on her announcing 1989 (Taylor's Version) before Red is even out though?
  11. Most of the singles will revert back to the originals prospering.

    Love Story & You Belong With Me have already both overtaken the re-recordings in daily streams with White Horse and Fifteen coming close too:

    Recurrent airplay in countries like the US will make it difficult as well if she doesn't make the songs exact clones from the originals going forward.
  12. They're screenshots from her TikTok

    I do wish she'd brush her hair dd but she does look gorgeous.
  13. Watch her say "fuck it" and surprise drop 1989 Taylor's Version on the same day as Red Taylor's Version.
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  14. As if she'd risk losing a number one by releasing two at the same time.
  15. The re-recording for Wildest Dreams just sounds so... neutered? It feels lethargic, whereas the original has an urgency to it. Is Lana credited this time?
  16. Lana didn't invent the Wildest Dreams sound, and the comparison is kinda tired at this point.

    Anyway, I was thinking about this before sleeping, but the long gap between releases is largely due to waiting for vinyl right? CDs would be produced faster? Cause I'm not sure why she wouldn't have shorter gaps between releases for CD and streaming, then release vinyl later on. I'm sure they'd go number one either way.
    I'm forcing myself to believe her releasing this was a one-off random drop, but I could definitely see her surprise releasing 1989 in October.
  17. The chorus melodies to Wildest Dreams and Without You are nearly identical hon.
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  18. Dddd really? I've only heard the song a couple times and didn't notice this when I listened to it. But I never really pick up on that stuff anyway. It does make the "Is Lana credited?" jokes more understandable though, so thanks haha.
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  19. Oh shut up. Lana is a racist scum bag so let’s not even give that type of person credit thanks.
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