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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. The "Message from Taylor" is just her reading the instagram announcement caption dd.
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  2. I just pre-ordered the red and now I'm second guessing which of my orders I want to cancel.....I'm hoping the red sounds as good as the black.
  3. Doesn't mean it can't be iconic!

  4. I wonder when she will finally release a single for the album. Maybe next week? 22 on the 22nd?
  5. Yeah, I’m guessing this date too, because it’s the 9 year (!!) anniversary of Red.
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  6. Just ordered the Target Red, gonna cost a fortune to get it to Ireland but totally worth it!!

  7. Taylor presenting Carole King’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and performing a tribute to her, after Carole presented Taylor’s artist of the decade award at the AMAs? Love to see it.
  8. I love that journey for her.

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is still trash, but at least they sometimes give us good stuff like this.

  10. I'm perched to see what her Grammy submissions are this year between Evermore and the Fearless vault tracks.
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  11. Stans insisting their fave has never had plastic surgery always makes me roll my eyes. Like, it's Hollywood, everyone's had surgery, or at least fillers. Get over it.
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  12. Sam


    I hope 1989 TV comes ASAP. Getting a lot of mileage out of the original album at the moment, it’s very much an autumn album for me. Clean still been that girl, Ms Heap’s harmonies whew
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  13. Those tattoos!!!
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  14. Poor them when Red (Taylor’s Version) and its 30 song tracklist drops in 3 weeks.
  15. The legs are being shaved as we speak.
  16. I still have my hopes up for her to release a single for Red tomorrow. We are 3 weeks away from the album release, and tomorrow is also the 9th year anniversary from the original album release. And it's also the 22nd. It's perfect
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  17. It feels like a perfect night
    For dropping a single at midnight

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