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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. I'm not sure if it makes sense, but I imagine she'd want to keep the impact of "listening to everything all at once" to boost hype, instead of dropping a single. It's like... everyone already knows what it sounds like, there's no need to try to present singles to sell it blindfolded like a normal album.

    But then letting people overflow with nostalgia on "first play" of something they already knew but sounds ~new? get the streams, etc.

    The long rollout because of Vinyl is tiring though. It would have been easier to check a calm week, announce it, drop it and then ship stuff later. She'd hit #1 two times probably dd.
  2. That would make more sense had she not dropped Love Story, You All Over Me, and Mr Perfectly Fine leading up to Fearless though...
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  3. I think it's best not to try to apply reason to Taylor's album/single campaigns...
  4. It's a tad frustrating in theory but also she's inundated us with new music over the last 15 months so I think saving everything for the album was a smart move. Even as a stan I haven't listened to her much the second half of this year because I was playing folklore/evermore and then Fearless (TV) so much. Saving 30 songs both rerecorded and new for Q4 was the right call.
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  5. welp the merch is up. Get your ring and red All Too Well scarf!!
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  6. Okay so I’ll be in my scarf and ring to match my evermore beanie and folklore cardigan and Fearless necklace…

  7. Red snippet! It sounds good! What a tease though.
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  8. I think uh, Taylor Swift has released a fair amount of music recently and it’ll be okay if we don’t get prerelease singles for an old album.
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  9. Looks like the rumors that she’s filming something this week might be true. The radio silence since the announcement in July has been a little odd but I’m sure she has her reasons and it’ll all be worth it in the end.
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  10. Maybe she's filming a Red live show since we didn't get the tour footage!!!!

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  11. Red (the song) sounds brilliant! Wonder what she’s got planned.
  12. Also Thank God most of the merch is awful looking.
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  13. Red sounds fantastic! And yeah, I think she must be filming something....those 2 film/camera emojis when she posted about it coming a week earlier also hint at it.
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  14. Maybe she filmed a Red concert, with costumes changes and everything. Her new background in Spotify... I don't think it's footage from the Red tour.

    The outfits look so good.

    I can't remember the last time we saw Taylor in something like this.
  15. Trying to decide if I'll be able to force myself to not listen to Red for the next three weeks so I can really feel the rush when I start State Of Grace at midnight on November 12, while fully knowing I lack all self-control and am still very obsessed with the album.

    I really want that lenticular poster.
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  16. I may not be enough of a Swiftie but what I care most about with all the TV stuff really is the unreleased stuff. I honestly don't need her singing her own songs again but having bonus stuff for all eras so far is honestly such a treat isn't it? That said I will obviously support the new versions.
  17. I’m perched for the never before heard tracks obviously (especially the Phoebe collab) but I think what I’m most excited for is finally having Taylor’s version of Better Man. All her performances of it have been great and it feels right that she’s officially adding it to her discography considering it was her 9th country radio #1 hit as a songwriter.
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  18. I’m still turned off that they’re recycling the evermore photoshoot for this campaign
  19. The way I want to personally thank whomever was responsible for leaking the demo last week. Like a gift from god
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