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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Yeah I ordered the signed CD. I only had the vinyl on preorder, so why not?
  2. @Florencia. on Friday morning


  3. Apparently this is the list of songwriters for the vault tracks from the iTunes metadata. I didn’t realize that there was a leftover Max/Shellback song from the Red sessions.
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  4. Oooh and a Lori McKenna co-write? Whew I am getting so excited.
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  5. I got the signed CD too, you can order 2 max per order.
  6. I always thought all the Taylor/Max/Shellback tracks had made the album, so colour me surprised there's an extra one. I'm really looking forward to see why it was not included.
    Forever Winter was the one that intrigued me the most until now, but the credits for The Very First Night are kinda random, aren't they?
    I just looked at their credits and they wrote Hey Soul Sister among other songs, so it's not that random after all. She was performing that song during the Speak Now tour if I remember right
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  7. screaming thinking about how all these tiktok-ers are likely listening to Enchanted for the first time and it going into "now go stand in the corner and think about what you did" immediately after
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  8. Um are the signed Red CDs already sold out? Really? God damn it.
    Gahhhhg I'm so excited for Friday.
  9. Eat it up UK swifties!

  10. It's so good to have a friend in UK.
  11. Most streamed artist on Spotify yesterday:

    Ed found rotting.
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  12. I'm not a charts specialist, I'm gonna need @Babyface to help me with this: when did her streaming numbers became so big and steady? I feel like her numbers are impressive, even for her. Was it during the pandemic, or was it happening before?
    Also, she is gonna pull huge numbers this weekend, isn't she?
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  13. She knows the competition is fierce next week.
  14. Something I was thinking....I wonder if the 7 month wait between Fearless and Red was to buy her some more time to have the vinyls for each next album ready in a more timely manner. Obviously they're ready to go right away for Red, but maybe the next ones will be much sooner to the album release date too?
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  15. Yeah, I think the supply difficulties for vinyls affected the original release schedule for the re-recordings.
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  16. I truly haven't minded waiting for her vinyl releases, because she was at least upfront about it for folklore, evermore and Fearless timelines. And it was kinda a serve to have her break the vinyl sales records and have the album go back to #1 months later....
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  17. The girls are going to hate to hear this, but it really was the Lover album that established Taylor as a streaming force and then she built on that momentum by following it up so quickly with folklore/evermore. Lover currently is her most streamed album on Spotify with more than 3.55 Billion streams and if it continues at the same rate it will hit 4 Billion streams sometime around April - and that's not even including the Shawn remix of the title track which has another nearly 200M streams.
    I think another factor at play that people haven't considered as it relates to the timing of the re-recordings is Taylor's contract with Republic. Assuming that the re-recordings count as albums on her contract (which they presumably do) then Red (Taylor's Version) will be her 5th release on Republic and technically the end of her contract already. HDD posted an article on 10/28 saying that Taylor was one of several superstars working on new contracts behind the scenes - so the gap between Fearless and Red could have had to do with her negotiating a new deal with Republic on top of the vinyl delays.

    and that's sincerely,
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  18. Wow, surely that's the fastest 5 album contract to complete ever or in decades at least?
  19. I actually find the Espionage cowrite the most surprising!
  20. It's not that easy to pin down imo. I mean she was already one of the top streaming artists in 2009 or whenever it was that Youtube started becoming a thing with You Belong With Me. She was breaking Youtube records with the 1989 era. When she returned to Spotify in 2017, that was a pretty big deal. She broke more Youtube records with LWYMMD and her other reputation and early Lover era singles also had great Youtube debuts, as well as great Spotify debuts.

    I will admit, there was a bit of a disconnect between the message of reputation, about the feeling of being misunderstood and wrongfully scorned, and the GP that still thought she deserved the negativity back in 2016-2017, and that reputation didn't connect that much with the GP. I suspect a lot of Taylor's fans weren't fully on-board with Spotify back then, I think she was doing better on Apple Music and Youtube at the time, and of course they were still buying her music in large quantities, not just physicals for collector's purposes, but also digitally (which they no longer do in anywhere close to the numbers they did in 2017).

    Still, it has always been apparent that Taylor's music was consumed as a full body of work, rather than just for the singles, and that she had a large fanbase. No-one could touch her album debuts in 2010-2017 other than Adele, and I don't think anyone could match her ability to get album bombs on the Hot 100 fueled by iTunes track sales. Pretty much every song from Fearless, Speak Now and Red charted on the Hot 100 on their release weeks.

    When Taylor returned to streaming, it became clear that this was not just because her fans had a lot of money to spend, but that they did actually listen to all of those songs. Even in 2017-2018, her album tracks were significantly outperforming her peers. That was true for reputation too, although it didn't have the strongest streaming debut, in large part because it wasn't available to stream until 3 weeks after release, the streams for the album tracks remained quite steady. In early 2019, prior to the release of Lover, reputation album tracks were already getting higher daily streams on Spotify than Scorpion's even though Scorpion had a much larger streaming debut, and was only 8 months old compared to almost 16 months for reputation.

    [Spoiler Title=Feb 28, 2019 streams]
    Gorgeous: 161,785
    I Did Something Bad: 136,726

    Can't Take A Joke: 124,636
    Getaway Car: 112,390
    Call It What You Want: 109,314

    Jaded: 107,455
    Elevate: 104,730
    Emotionless: 103,658
    Don't Blame Me: 97,031
    Blue Tint: 96,957
    Finesse: 93,717
    Dancing With Our Hands Tied: 84,009
    After Dark: 78,199
    King of My Heart: 77,561
    That's How You Feel: 74,554
    Summer Games: 73,959
    Final Fantasy: 69,154
    8 Out of 10: 67,316
    Survival: 65,761
    Dress: 64,113
    Talk Up: 63,925
    Sandra's Rose: 63,121
    Peak: 61,061
    This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: 62,967
    Is There More: 56,765
    New Year's Day: 48,458
    So It Goes: 47,177

    Ratchet Happy Birthday: 45,773
    March 14: 37,010[/Spoiler]

    With the end of reputation era and beginning of Lover era, several shifts began to occur. Beginning with the success of Delicate in early 2018, of reputation in summer 2018, the breaking of her political silence by endorsing the Democrats in October 2018, and people forgetting about snapchatgate, I think Taylor's image among the GP and social media increased a fair bit in 2018.

    In 2018-2020, you also began seeing shifts in how music was consumed, especially for pop artists. Digital sales declined hugely, and Youtube declined somewhat relative to Spotify and AM. I think Youtube was much more Western pop dominated in the mid 2010s, while Audio streaming was much more hip hop oriented. Now pop and country have grown a lot on Audio streaming, while Youtube is becoming more oriented towards hip-hop and non-English music (Indian and Latin American especially). That meant Swifties were increasingly consuming Taylor's music on Spotify and Apple Music, whereas in the past they would've been using iTunes and Youtube much more.

    But you also had a major increase in catalog consumption in the last few years.
    This is certainly to Taylor's benefit, although others have benefited as well, such as Katy's Teenage Dream album, and much of Rihanna's discography.

    Taylor's catalog is probably the one that got boosted the most out of just about any artist though. There was a sudden improvement in playlisting for her old hits 1-2 months after she signed Republic. There's also been a noticeable change in how some of her songs perform - around 2017-2018 her hits did the best, and the album tracks basically all did the same, like State of Grace and Stay Stay Stay were getting roughly equal streams, and Bad Blood was out-streaming Style. But in 2019-2021, her fan favorites have really begun rising to the top (even without going viral on Tik Tok) - now Style does twice as many streams as Bad Blood, Getaway Car and Don't Blame Me are comfortably out-streaming Ready For It and End Game, Forever & Always is outstreaming most other Fearless album tracks by a comfortable margin, etc.

    Lover was the first real proof of Taylor's power on Spotify, as it had one of the biggest album debuts of the year. Then Folklore had an even bigger streaming debut. Evermore and Fearless TV had smaller debuts, although that's understandable considering one was seen as a b-sides album and the other is a re-recording of a 13 year old album that is generally not as well liked as Speak Now, Red or 1989. Taylor was one of the most streamed artists of 2020 on both Spotify and Apple Music.

    However, her streaming power has continued to increase considerable even since then. While she did start to have songs going viral in 2020, that increased significantly in 2021, now it seems there's a new song going viral every week. Also, starting this summer, it seems like her discography just keeps getting bigger and bigger every day. Normally, you would expect albums to debut big, and then consumption to steadily decrease (at a decreasing rate, but still decreasing). However, right now, all of her albums are increase, even the new ones. It also seems to take increasingly less time for them to stabilize before increasing again. I think reputation only stabilized 1.5-2 years after release, Lover also stabilized after about as much time (although it stabilized at a higher level), but Folklore stabilized after only about 10 months and Evermore only took about 6 months to stabilize, as both Folklore and Evermore have increased in daily streams significantly this spring.

    These were the most streamed females in in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 on Spotify

    1. Rihanna
    2. Taylor Swift
    3. Selena Gomez
    4. Ariana Grande
    5. Sia

    1. Ariana Grande
    2. Dua Lipa
    3. Cardi B
    4. Taylor Swift
    5. Camila Cabello

    1. Billie Eilish
    2. Ariana Grande
    3. Taylor Swift
    4. Camilla Cabello
    5. Halsey

    1. Billie Eilish
    2. Taylor Swift
    3. Ariana Grande
    4. Dua Lipa
    5. Halsey

    2021 (so far)
    1. Taylor Swift
    2. Ariana Grande
    3. Olivia Rodrigo
    4. Dua Lipa
    5. Doja Cat
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