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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. The new version of Girl At Home goes OFF.
  2. 20211111_112750.gif
  3. I'm revisiting 2012 Red and gosh, I had forgotten how much I hate Stay Stay Stay. It's not the fact that the lyrics are stupid, it's mostly how annoying she sounds? That cutesy voice she uses during most of the song is extremely irritating.
  4. The beefed up production to State of Grace has me ascending.

  5. I won’t be able to listen until later but this All Too Well patriarchy lyric is serving "Crypto forever screams your stupid boyfriend, fuck you Kevin” on paper and I…will need additional context.
  6. The patriarchy lyric is clearly a 2021 shoehorn, much like 'Sashay away' was from Mr. Perfectly Fine.
  7. Does it sound fresh?
  8. Y’all werent wrong about the second we ddddd.
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  9. The good news is I've always loathed We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Really excited to dive in tomorrow.
  10. Whew, Bop At Home was a shock! I liked the original but this is a song I’ll actually use more often.

    I hate the vocals and production on We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble. Maybe it wouldn’t even be an issue if Max hadn’t produced the originals because Shellback is good and I like other stuff he’s been sole producer on. But both just sound karaoke/tinny and that WEEE sounds like she’s a kid going down a slide. Quite worried about 1989 now.

    I’m trying to work so I’m dipping in and out of tracks.

    So far this isn’t as much of a “snap my original CD in half because this is so much better” moment as Fearless was. I can definitely see myself going back to the original Red which is the opposite of what she was trying to achieve (but from my iCloud library of course, no streams for Scooter).
  11. To be a little fair to her, I do think those 'fuck the patriarchy keychains' were a thing back then, and it is very Jake Gyllenhaal, so it's not impossible it's a real original lyric.

    Everything so far, in terms of sound and how this overall project is going compared to the last, seems to be rolling out as you'd expect.

    The lack of Max means the mixing on the recreated singles is objectively awful (the "who's Taylor Swift anyway?" line going from an on-beat call-and-response to sounding like an accidental mic-leak from down the hallway dddd) and her vocals poorly handled to where there's almost an odd....wobble to them. On We Are Never... and I Knew You Were Trouble, they somehow sound both tiny yet warped.

    Whereas, in the complete opposite way, the more stripped and acoustic tracks are now more than just 1:1 recreations like on Fearless (sometimes criticism *is* constructive!) and her lyrical prowess from back then now has more interesting production to help make it come alive in ways that even stans would admit the originals sometimes lacked in the more bloated portions of Red.

    It all signifies that Speak Now TV will be......earth-shattering and her best yet, while there's rightful hesitations for how she'll approach 1989, and she basically shouldn't bother with reputation as I'm sure karaoke versions already exist.
  12. This is spot on and kind of what I was trying to articulate quickly.

    The little spoken responses in We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together make her sound bored as fuck too. They’re quite jarring.

    There’s a wobble to her vocals like you said. It sounds like autotune gone wrong - not that the autotune is glaringly obvious but it’s not right. I actually commented on this back when we heard a tiny snippet of I Knew You Were Trouble and people said I was being too fussy but it bothers me to listen to. Which is why I could end up with a version of Red that’s a mix of the originals and a mix of Taylor’s Version.
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  13. Dylan’s beard. They’re really trying to get him to look like Jake, I’m screaming
  14. The age difference also being spot on. Dd, I guess Taylor's playing Maggie in this one.

  15. It seems to be 14.56 minutes long
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  16. Both my autographed CD and Target red vinyl shipped, I'm ready to relive fall 2012 all over again.
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  17. I just started listening to State of Grace TV but I'm not sure if it's worth continuing? The quality of the sound is grating to these ears.
  18. And I will never forgive her for keeping that faggy bop in the vault while she inflicted us with You Need to Calm Down.

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