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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Well I’m no graphic designer but I really can’t with the Fearless visuals
  2. Graphic design for these two re-recorded albums has been terrible but at least the covers were text-less and cute nn.
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  3. I am obsessed with the pre-chorus of The Very First Night. Like...is it even legal to have melodies that strong sitting on a hard drive for 9 years without releasing them?

    'Cause they don't know about the night in the hotel
    They weren't riding in the car when we both fell
    Didn't read the note on the polaroid picture
    They don't know how much I miss you


    But don't forget about the night out in EL. AY.
    Dance in the kitchen, chase me down through the hallway
    No one knows about the words that we whisper
    No one knows how much I miss you
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  4. The back covers of the rereleases are awful, and kinda the reason I hold back buying the physical editions (especially ''Fearless'').

    I like the textless covers and the way they match ''Evermore'' and ''Folklore'' and I was all excited until I realized that by the time all the albums are re-released, ''Lover'' will be the only album with a cover that doesn't match the rest.

    Other than that, I 100% support her even and what she's doing.
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  5. Listening to Bop at Home and honestly just get Elvira to produce 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and we could get the lush indie-leaning version of the album
  6. Yeah the back covers suck, but I don't really get why that would stop anyone from buying the physicals? I got my CD in today and it was definitely worth it for the new photoshoot attached to the vault songs in the booklet alone.
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  7. Swiff Tease baking the shit out of the fact that the live version of Taylor's Version of All Too Well (Ten-Minute Version) is actually 9:30 which isn't ten minutes but 9+3+0=12 which is one less than 13

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  8. Agreed. How often does one really look at the back cover anyway?
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  10. Well in my case I don't even display my albums, barely look at them after I get them so there's very little point in getting them other than supporting Taylor or the "emotional" value.

    Nowadays I barely buy any music at all, so if I get something I have to like the whole package at the very least.

    I did get the two Folklore covers available at Target (and a signed one) and evermore too.
  11. Weird to hear people knock the Fearless (TV) cover because to me it’s her best album cover all of time.
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  12. Honestly I think that's pretty much exclusively down to the filter. The photo itself is gorgeous.
  13. As I said in my post I love Fearless TV cover but the back cover and the booklet are trash.
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  14. But it’s so…warm. I love the colouring, personally.
  15. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I don’t know it’s been kind of fun to see her lean back into a full-on assault of the exes who wronged her after the rather tame woodsy albums, Lover, and whatever tone Reputation was going for, nn.
  16. I simultaneously find the centering of Jake for this campaign tiring and am also obsessed with the All Too Well 10 minute version. The duality of stan.
  17. Oh my god I just looked up the Fearless TV back cover. The Tesco budget compilation jumped out.
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  18. I get what you're trying to say and think the "nostalgia....on a re-issue? shocking!!" comments are a bit disingenuous. Though I think you're underestimating the way she's rehabilitated her image over the years, even down to the way the Scooter issue allows her to re-center her public image as a songwriter before anything else.

    So re-dabbling in the way she used to talk about her relationships does feel a bit regressive, but I don't think it'll backfire on her like it did before.

    Again, the media environment is much more friendlier and less sexist than it was during the first years of her career, her image is much more respected than it once was, and the Scooter narrative gives her sympathetic padding.

    I think the stans may be testing the limits trying to remind everyone that they were the BTS Army before BTS even existed, but again, I don't think even Swifties sending death threats to her exes can ruin her goodwill she's earned this go-around after evolving over the last few albums.
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  19. Also I love how she's not taking any of the media's bullshit.

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  20. I like the new album covers but I also feel like, they kind of went with a safer route by not having any typography on it and that’s a bit of shame.
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