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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. My heart goes out to all the Last.fm girls. You don't deserve this.
  2. The absolute saturation she's giving this song.
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  3. :)

    and its not over
  4. Love how the acronym evolved to the welsh-sounding ATWTMVTVSGAVRALPS.
  5. There's no way she's signing 50k+ CDs (not all of them anyway) but who cares? I've seen much worse tactics to shift albums.

    I just bought All Too Well on iTunes, it would be iconic if it was her second #1 here in the U.K.
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  6. This is another Willow situation, isn't it? We got the Sad Autumn Girl version, what's next? The Elvira remix? A dancing sad witch remix?

    Also, I wanted to buy this version but it's not available outside the US, of course. So here waiting for the song to be out there soon
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  7. All Too Well (Taylor's Version) [42 Minute TEDTalk Version] {featuring Jake Gyllenhaal} - Give Me My Fucking Scarf Remix by Elvira <Acoustic Version>
  8. Ok but what if this means she did another full long pond sessions and they're just putting this out early to get the #1...
  9. To my knowledge, this is the last of the ATW versions
    its a very very recent recording
    but who knows with her.
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  10. You can still purchase it if you just input an US address (which I did for the other ATW versions)

    Are they still finishing the track? Because it's not out until 7 pm.
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  11. But you think something else is coming this week?

    This would be a dream, and we can be clowns together and dream, but I doubt it will happen (maybe in December for the 1 year anniversary of evermore)
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  12. If she gives us a Long Pond Sessions for this re-release when we still don't have one for evermore I am throwing her cardigan in the wash with bright colors and bleach
  13. Not this week. And I haven't heard anything about another full Long Pond Session, but again who knows (not being sarcastic)
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  14. We have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance on HBO this Saturday!!!
    I'm hoping she releases her version of Will you love me tomorrow? on streaming platforms because it's really good.
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  15. Also known as the Dua Lipa Hungary method.
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  16. I would love an Elvira remix of All Too Well...
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  17. I don't know that she did sign 30K copies for the UK. There was no citation that said it was just autographed CDs nn it may be a combo of CDs/vinyl/streams not falling.
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  18. If she writes anything from 'Begin Again' on mine, I may sorta get emotional.
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  19. I'm not seeing it for "Message In a Bottle" like y'all, it's a just a cute lil jingle.

  20. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement but when you actually stop and think about the fact that All Too Well is actually getting its moment on the charts all these years later. Amazing.
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