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Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Also, it's crazy that she turned a fan favourite/classic into this huge event, ending with an actual #1
  2. Next stop, Enchanted.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Wait so who has the record of the longest time to REACH number one? I thought this would be in the running for that as well since it actually debuted at 80 on the Hot 100 back in 2012. 9 years to reach number 1 is pretty iconic right?
  4. Pretty sure Mariah has that one with All I Want for Christmas is You.
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  5. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Mariah waited 25 long years for All I Want For Christmas Is You to hit number 1.

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  6. She didn’t even pull any crazy shenanigans this time, the 10 minute version was #1 on streaming for nearly the entire tracking week.
  7. Yeah, I think it would've been #1 even without the Sad Girl Autumn Version or however it's called
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  8. #1 All Too Well
    #18 State of Grace
    #22 I Bet You Think About Me
    #25 Red
    #43 Nothing New
    #45 Message In A Bottle
    #46 I Knew You Were Trouble
    #47 Run
    #51 Better Man
    #52 22
    #54 Treacherous
    #55 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    #59 I Almost Do
    #61 The Very First Night
    #63 Everything Has Changed
    #66 The Last Time
    #67 Stay Stay Stay
    #69 Babe
    #76 Holy Ground
    #77 Begin Again
    #79 Forever Winter
    #83 The Moment I Knew
    #84 The Lucky One
    #85 Sad Beautiful Tragic
    #87 Come Back Be Here
    #90 Starlight
  9. Sad for Girl At Home!
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  10. We Are Never… being so low is such an indictment on the quality of that re-recording.
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  11. The way she has a quarter of the Hot 100 this week... Insane
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    Forgive me lambily, I'll reflect on my actions and come back once I've had a while to think about what I've done.
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  13. it's actually because it's never been good and has aged terribly
  14. I’d like this to happen for more of her singles please New Romantics I’m looking at you.
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  15. In a fairly bleak Q4 that’s otherwise dominated by predictable heavy hitters (of which I'm aware she is one ddd), I'm genuinely so pleased this was able to snatch the #1 even for just this week. She scored two last year during each release week so we knew the demand was there but it's all felt like such a genuine moment and veers just on the right side of fan extreme fan service in finally making the fan favourite a part of her cannon to the public too.

    It's not even my favourite song from the album but in terms of the fight for ownership that kicked this entire project off, it feels nice she was able to use this song in particular to create something new that can sit separately from the original and have its own moment in the sun.
  16. My first thought when I listened to it was damn she really hates it.
  17. Here's the Amazon exclusive video for Christmas Tree Farm. She and the producer talk a little bit about the new version, and then there are clips of her and the orchestra recording.
  18. The way The 10 Minute version is the last track on a 30 track album. The power.

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