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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. I think that we have enough info to justify opening a new thread? I mean, I've seen album threads with bigger reaches appear but if the mods don't think so, feel free to delete this.

    As posted by @Florencia. in the 1989 thread, E! News is saying that she's 100% working on new material. Ed Sheeran said in an interview earlier this year that Taylor is expecting to release around the end of the year (back to her traditional Q4 releases?).

    There was also this...

    Which I mean, is most likely nothing but it helps my case so dddd.

    So what does everyone want Pop's reigning sociopath to give us? More pop? More country tinged stuff? More drama? Hiddleswift 2.0?
  2. What kind of torture rack?

    Yas The Lord wants to play a game with my SCALP
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  3. I hope she has a good lead single, I always enjoy her music but rarely her leads. Shake It Off and We Are Never Getting Back Together are the worst things about their respective albums for me.
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  4. Yassssss! I didn't want to open a new thread cause I'm sure there was already a TS6 one that is currently closed, but discussing the possibility of a new album in the 1989 thread doesn't "feel" right
  5. At the longest we'll be getting the new single in about 3 months from now (If she continues her old release pattern) so I think this topic was overdue. Thing is most of the time hardly anything leaks from her so it could be a very quiet 3 months (unless she's releasing earlier, which I doubt).

    I'm curious about the rollout, she seems to be on top of the game most of the time, I would love a visual album but that's probably too predictable now. No doubt she's gonna come out with some "gimmick" to maximize sales.
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  6. I cannot wait for this. 1989 was a perfect pop record.
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  7. Here for her steampunk phase.
  8. This year really needs more AAA pop stars releasing music: Katy, Gaga, P!nk, Ariana and then there's Shania...


    I'm here for it and I'd love to see a mixture of Country-Pop from Fearless / Speak Now with pure Pop from 1989.
  9. All of her albums are perfect, even her debut.

    As much as I loved 1989, I'm hoping this will be a return to the hybrid sound of Red and Speak Now. I wouldn't be surprised if she went even more pop, though. It worked out well enough for her last time.
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  10. I'm here for something more experimental. Every lane I can see her in is very... been there done that. I'm sure whatever she does, the music will be amazing but I'd love something a bit more left field. Realistically, I'm expecting more Jack Antonoff with Max thrown in.
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  11. God, I am ready. Save pop music kween.

    I read an interview with Jack saying he wasn't working with her. Any idea on Max? I assume not if he's been working with Katy the past few months?
  12. She's always super secretive when she's recording. I think by this time pre-1989 we only knew that Max was working with her. I doubt Max working with Katy is a big deal considering he's worked extensively with Katy way before 1989 happened. A part of me is thinking that Jack lowkey lied about not working with her for this album because they're close friends and IDWLF was literally just a few months ago. It's a reach but it would shock me if he wasn't involved somehow.
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  13. The important question here is, how long is her hair now?
  14. If I'm not mistaken, Scott Borchetta had said in an interview that Max was working with Taylor in most of her new album, that's how we knew Max was involved.
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  15. Laura got the Ariana thread! After taking ownership of Jessie J/Pia Mia threads, I need a hit era.
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  16. This is what happens when Meghan flops I see.
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  17. I agree with @sexercise, mods feel free to delete this.
  18. I'm 100% sure that Taylor wouldn't drop Max. I mean she's been massive without him but with Max she reached another level of success.

    Max is working with many many artists and I don't think that'll be a problem here. Right now he's most likely working with P!nk / Ariana as well.
  19. I'm ready. I wonder if she'll switch up her sound with this.
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