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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Remember when Taylor literally wrote my personality in her portion, whew
  2. 'Babe' and the video are better than everything Taylor has done this era.
  3. My misandrist heart can not take another album about how her ugly boyfriend saved her, it can not.
  4. Well that's just mean.
  5. In perhaps nicer terms, the big disappointment behind this era for me* was the narrative of the album essentially being 'I may have ruined my reputation but at least I have a boyfriend'.

    *besides the nazi stuff ddd
  6. This is totally life goals for me though let's be real
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  7. Watching her start the 1989 era with a song about how she doesn't sweat the small stuff and how she was over the boy drama and all about being the ultimate girls girl, to the start of the Reputation era where she is angry, petty, vindictive, but ultimately saved by her new boyfriend is quite a trip.
  8. Reputation always seemed an “adult” send-up of her fairy tales of yesteryear. Only this time instead of emerging from the ivory tower as the naive princess, she emerged from the dirty dungeon as the disgraced villain.
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  9. 2014

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    Look What You Made Do and Ready For It give me so much white lyfe.
  10. RJF


    There was... no fairytale turned inside out. She was the innocent queen who got tricked and locked out of her castle something something kings and jokers something something good D from a stable boy meant everything didn't matter. It's a monstrously shallow album that speaks about her character in all the ways she didn't mean for it to.
  11. Whatever, it’s still good.
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  12. I still use and abuse the lead single for that deep, low-frequency bass and stupid oOo0hhh!!s
  13. RJF


    You attempting to find depth in the puddle of this campaign was a trying time for my fairly high opinion of you, sis.
  14. Are you saying you weren't having a kii alongside the Queen of Giggles?
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  15. RJF


    My every time I post "SCREAMING."

  16. Good is the enemy of great. This album is subpar Taylor, lyrically and spiritually.
  17. I won’t deny the notion; however I’m judging Reputation by the sheer amount of pleasure I derive from it - which is quite a lot. It’s modern, glossy, massive, relevant, and lowkey hilarious. Quite what I want out of a Pop record from a huge star. In the same breath, I’ve never dug/analyzed/cared for Taylor nearly as much as half of you, so perhaps it’s simply easier for me to enjoy the album without any preconceived expectation.
  18. Aw cute outfit Vas you and the boyfriend look great
  19. This is tainted stuffs. Dark-sided.
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