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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Found shaking in their kitten heels.
  2. It took me at least two glances at this to realize it was a snake and not Kermit.
  3. I'm actually kind of loving the Seeb remix of Delicate.
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  4. What on earth?!

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  5. Top 25 smash hits only!

  6. Oh my god "...Ready for It?" just pops off so much.
  7. I loved 1989 but listening to reputation the only thing going through my mind was Meghan Trainor trying to be edgy.
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  9. 11 good songs on reputation?!

    I don't see it for me, but okay.
  10. The only thing more baffling is that she was ready to kill off old Tay for forced, cringe-worthy garbage like Endgame in the first place.
  11. Why is nobody talking about Getaway Car.

    It was the superstar moment on the tour for me.
  12. It's the best song from this era, by far.
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  13. It deserves to be the next single after Delicate’s run at radio is over.
  14. Blonde ramen noodle hair, cowboy boots, and sparkly guitar would be instantly recognizable as Taylor, no?
  15. Following her 2 shows in Dublin, reputation returns to #1 on the Irish albums chart blocking new releases from 5SOS and The Carters.

  16. We love an icon.
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  17. YAS play a million dollar show to sell 9.000 CDs. Result!
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  18. Sis, you know damn well I bought 10 copies last week in a frenzied excited state.
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  19. Some highlights other than Delicate are Getaway Car, King of my Heart, Dress, and Ready For It. I’d see if you like those and go from there.
  20. Check out So It Goes... for any rainy day/late-night/thought-provoking moments. One of my favorites by her.
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