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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Firstly, welcome.

    Not all of us "hate" her. For most there is a love/hate thing with Taylor.
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  3. Welcome! I would say the forum as a whole has a love/hate relationship with her, but the 'hate' has definitely eased off since she came out to support the Democrats last year. If you can't tell from my avatar, I'm a huge fan and I can name at least 5-6 others here off the top of my head who are also huge fans. We currently congregate in the Taylor discography rate, arguing over which of her songs should make it to the top 10 Taylor songs of all time.
  4. Welcome! As others have said, there is a love/hate thing with Tayor for most members here, but I full on stan for the girl. And you should definitely check out her discography rate that is currently being run if you want to discuss with other stans.
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  5. Add me to the full on stanning group. I love her unreservedly
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  6. RJF


  7. Welcome to the forum. Let's not drag another woman down to try and support another one, eh?
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  8. I hope I'm not the only one rolling my eyes.
  9. Sounds like you think her brand of Pop Is Hot and will be Sexy Forever
  10. Was PopIsHot a Taylor stan? All I remember are the hookup stories and the fake tracklists for his own debut.
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  11. I’m mostly joking, their writing styles are just...very similar

  12. I love stanning longevity. I very rarely stan artists who do not have longevity.
  13. Who are these “reality stars” they’re referring to?
  14. Taylor and Joe were spotted at an Oscars pre-party last night. Since she’s in LA for this weekend’s festivities I hope a lqqk on par with her Golden Globes and BAFTAs dresses is coming.
  15. I have somehow found myself listening to the Fearless album. How nice it would be for her to make an album with such warmth, delicacy and maturity again.
  16. She really looks happy. Good for her
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  17. She just dropped by at a fan's engagement party in LA to play King of My Heart.
  18. Tag yourselves, I’m the gay aggressively shushing his friends because Taylor is talking.
  19. King Of My Heart...really gays?
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  20. Well, it is the best song on the album.
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