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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Delicate also received the Titanium Award from iHeartRadio for passing 1 Billion total spins.

    As much as I wanted Getaway Car as a single to close out the era, I think that not risking the goodwill Delicate built for her at radio will pay dividends in the long run. I mean, it was sent to radio 13 months ago and is still in the overall top 40.
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  2. 'Getaway Car' should've just been the 'New Romantics' for this era. Advertisement for the tour film.
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  3. Technically that should say 1 billion audience rather than spins. It should be nearing 4 billion audience in the US overall too, the 1 billion was for just the iHeart owned stations.
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  4. I am really surprised that there was not more love for So It Goes on here. I think it is the sexiest song Swift has ever put out. Yes, I know Dress exists. Where Dress is the "pining in anticipation and desperately waiting" excitement, So It Goes is the moment after. You are right there, tipsy, diving in and the electricity between you and your lover is undeniable and palpable. The room disappears, you are caught up in a moment and anything can happen (lipstick on your face). The music alone so sexy. I had not really paid as much attention to the deeper cuts on reputation when it first came out beyond enjoying the discussion here. I remember one day I decided to listen through and this song stopped me dead.

    Maybe I am just old and am myself nostalgic for those moments of electricity and possibility. Regardless, I think she captured it perfectly on So It Goes.
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  5. Style is the closest Taylor has gotten to anything remotely unchaste
  6. I think this whole album will be much more appreciated over time. Things like So It Goes are gorgeous, dark little cuts of night-time pop that deserve reappraisal.
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  7. I'd argue Treacherous is sexier than Style.
    'And I'll do anything you say....if you say it with your hands' is hotter than any Style lyric.

    So It Goes is one of the best songs on Rep, I been SAYING THIS FOR AGES.
  8. Yeah I'd say Treacherous too. So It Goes remains unmemorable and forgotten.
  9. Reputation is really aging like fine wine for me.

    I feel like like people WILL look back at this album and appreciate it much more years from now.
  10. Well, otherwise it would be awkward with your username, wouldn't it.
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  11. The album isn't even 2 years old, it's still pasteurized grape juice
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  12. I respectfully disagree.
  13. There are songs here that have gotten better with time, just not the audio tantrums like Look What You Made Me Do and This Is Why We Can’t Write Good Songs
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  14. The current era certainly does make reputation look a bit better.
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  15. In a move that surprises nobody (and was asked for by even fewer), I will be joining the So It Goes stannery.

    Come here, dressed in black now
    Scratches, down your back now

  16. So It Goes is fun to listen to, but like many tracks on Reputation, it just doesn’t work with Taylor’s voice and delivery.

    Treacherous is sensual and romantic, and that’s why it always wins.
  17. If you take out 3 songs (End Game, I Did Something Bad and This is Why....) Reputation goes from being an average to good album to being a GREAT album.

    You can hate the sentiment of Look... all you want, but it's a stone cold bop.
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  18. Call It What You Want also needs to go to truly salvage it.
  19. RJF


    This new era really has y’all scavenging the landfill huh
  20. I love End Game and feel no shame.
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