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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. I'd be interested in seeing her work with Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, too. Julia did an interview back in January with Ryan Seacrest saying she was travelling to Nashville to write with someone. She didn't reveal who, but Ryan said "would you send our love to Taylor".
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  2. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Grab your armor, find the nearest bomb shelter, because whenever she comes back, the Empress will not be taking any prisoners.
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  3. The real gag is that I saw this tweet a week or two ago and wrote it off as such obvious bullshit that it didn't warrant a thread yet. Played myself!
  4. Her thirst for success and power gets stronger with each album cycle. Guard your scalps.
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  5. So did I but after the E! News article and the general murmurings that I've been seeing, it seems obvious that she's definitely recording at the moment and we're most likely getting new music sometime this year. Like I said, the mods can knock this thread out if they want to!

    We also got the obligatory pre-album soundtrack single out of the way so lemme make an even bigger reach.
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  6. I'm guessing Blank Space is gonna be the blueprint for the next album, especially if she actually worked with Drake. I'm still waiting for Jack Abtonoff to produce a State of Grace sequel for me though.
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  7. Same. I'm not expecting her to dye her hair green and record a punk record, but I'd love to see her meld the pop perfection she mastered on 1989 with a sound that's progressive and completely next-level. Not just reinterpreting trends like trap or tropical, but actually innovating and taking her sound - and, by default, the bulk of pop music - to incredible, unimaginable heights.
  8. I don't like Taylor, but her ruthless Sith style thirst for power is such a ride to behold. 1989 was also a brilliant record too so colour me conflicted.

    She's basically dead on for the Super Bowl then if she's going for Q4.
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  9. As much as I'd be here for it, I don't think she can unless whatever deal she had with Coke is over.
  10. And nobody feels like touching Pepsi right now.
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  11. Now that you mention it. Yeah I expect an old white rock band half time show next year.
  12. She has kind of made something different with each record, none of them are a copy of the previous one, so I'm excited to see what she does this time.
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  13. I just hope the success of Bad Blood doesn't embolden her or the label to recreate it.
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  14. Blank Space was the most successful single of the era, wasn't it? So if anything, they would try to recreate that one. But I doubt it, or maybe only for the first single
  15. I'd love it if she went completely bonkers and did pop's answer to Bon Iver's most recent album (without the insufferableness but also with added Taylor insufferableness). It's hard to evaluate where she is at the moment because she's achieved almost every possible thing you can in the pop sphere. Is she gonna keep aiming for huge success & please her young fanbase? Is she gonna go on a genre bending artistic journey? We just don't know.
  16. This was an intense read.
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  17. Someboy

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    It's not about coming for sales, it's about coming for blood. And for first time she's been properly slammed by equally famous people and the media.

    I'm sure the music will be good too.
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  18. I'm hoping for more Joseph Kahn videos!!!!
  19. I too want Taylor to come up with something completely unexpected and not trend chasing in the slightest, and also perhaps a bit experimental.
  20. It's interesting that she's recording in Nashville. I wonder if she'll tap back into country for TS6 because she can "rebuild" her image as the girl who remembers her roots. This isn't meant to be a dig at her, but her public image in the last year needs a rebrand and this narrative (ha!) fits perfectly with this new era. That being said, I hope she can top 1989 cause that album was massive.

    As long as he doesn't do anything like Wildest Dreams again.
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