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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Witness World Wide is shaking!
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  2. Olivia coming for Nugget.

  3. Fix it, Jesus aka Taylor's PR people.

    “If you’re a 15-year-old girl watching this movie, you’re going to cry and you’re going to think I’m an evil person,” Kahn laughed.
    The irony of Taylor's main confidant being... such a gross misogynist.

    Yas sis, court the anti-PC freedom of speech crowd too through your partner-in-crime using you to land interviews.

    Him being some anti-PC weirdo suddenly makes his almost perverted obsession with her make more sense.
  4. That movie sounds fucking disgusting. I hate him & straight men in general.
  5. RJF


    She kept the mystique up for... two weeks?
  6. I can't believe I googled this but


    Marketing QUEEN!
  7. If by mystique you mean making three matching Instagram posts at a time, that's still running.
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  8. RJF


    It would be nice if she didn't give Joseph Kahn any more work but I'm not sure what her tolerence is if he's making movies like that and still in her inner circle.
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  9. I'd pay money to watch her beat his ass live on Taylor Swift Now.
  10. I mean she's clearly okay with Nazis using her image so it doesn't shock me at all about keeping Kahn employed. Watch her get away with it though as usual, the passes she continues to receive...
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  11. I can.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I struggle to see what you mean by her being anti-media?
  14. R92


    Every day I get happier and happier that my fave has cut ties with Joseph Kahn.
  15. Thank you. Like, this is a fucking mess and inexcusable. Especially since she's been working with him almost exclusively for 4 recent videos.
  16. The commercial is cute, her fringe still has to disappear, but....

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  17. Taylor looks great with bangs.
  18. She does.
  19. Not even "New Romantics"? Dump her.
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  20. When really they should be playing Style & New Romantics instead.
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