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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. I think Call It What You Want is the most fascinating song on the album, but it's easily my least favorite. The lyrics are so bizarre and at odds with what she wanted to do that it's jarring. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things is at least so ridiculous that it's humorous but she sounds legit unhinged on Call It What You Want.
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  2. ...maybe not in the way she intended it to be, but I agree
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  3. "My castle crumbled over night, I brought a knife to a gun fight, they took the crown but its alright" is a solid start but then it trails off into a weird mixture of self pity and "but its cool cuz I got a boyfriend now".
  4. This is so clunky and realistically distant that it becomes inexcusable.
  5. RJF


    "Call It What You Want" is trash.
  6. This era in a nutshell.
  7. I said what I said.
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  8. I like that 'Call It What You Want' is Taylor's viewpoint as a person that has fallen so hard for somebody her other shit is rendered meaningless in comparison. I also like that the track seems to be heavily influenced by her boyfriend's British-ness.

    (I have to tell myself the last part to not cringe out my skin at the chorus)
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  9. I love Call It What You Want. It’s supposed to sound cool & breezy, but it’s barely masking the simmering rage that not even her new man can fully extinguish. It’s supposed to be a love song, but comes off as more of a taunt.
  10. I'll take Call It What You Want over Gorgeous any day.
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  11. I still haven't got the energy to listen to this yet

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  12. So miss thang is officially on Fox News’ nice list.
  13. I've been buying a lot of used cassettes lately, but it's only for playing on the tape player in my car. (I just got a MP3 tape player though, so now I don't know what to do with all of them)

    I can't believe people would actually want to buy new albums on cassette though. (I did come across a brand new sealed version of In The Zone however and snatched it right up)
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  14. 'I brought a knife to a gun fight' is my favourite lyric on the record
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  15. You do realise that's a really common idiom?
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  16. Talent stanning talent dddddddd
  17. Oh no Charli.
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  18. I don’t even know what an idiom is. Ha.
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  19. Common sayings aren't exempt from cleverness. It's a very evocative line and from anyone else, it would be just as evocative.
    You aren't helping yourself, luv.
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  20. I missed that she did this. Her bit was actually hilarious, unlike the ginger lizard in human form.

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