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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Well it certainly makes the Ready For It video far more interesting in comparison.
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  2. Yeah, it's more like "my end game is alcoholism".
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Phaedra @lushLuck Parks did. This is one of the most dull videos I’ve seen in ages. It’s Hilary Duff’s Wake Up with seven times the budget but none of the joy or energy.
  5. Nope. It doesn't even qualify as 'so bad it's good'. It's just a giant musical shrug of the shoulders, like almost everything else Ed Sheeran has contributed to recently.
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  6. I said what I said.
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  7. There is something very early-mid 2000s about it. Although the exterior yacht shots reminded me of The Lonely Island and I couldn’t help screaming a little bit inside.

  8. Reputation has now crossed the 3M mark worldwide.

  9. The video is boring, but at least I can find a few redeeming elements to it, unlike the song, which is simply bad.
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  10. boooringg
  11. Okay yeah, that was pretty boring. But maybe that’s because I just don’t find Taylor interesting as a person. If this was Beyoncé in all these different locations, having fun and getting drunk with her dancers (XO, Drunk in Love, Blow), I imagine i’d be into it. So I’m happy to let the Swifties enjoy this one.
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  12. I feel like some of y’all would be snoozers to party with.
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  13. This is the 2017 version of her 22 music video except this time instead of holding sparklers she's drinking all types of alcohol all over the world. Some of her outfits are so pretty though.
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  14. This was cute I love alcohol
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  15. Future kills the song... i would definitely enjoy the song more if it was just taytay and ed (or simply just taytay)
  16. We get it, you don't like rap music.

    I'd much rather do without Ed's verse.
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  17. When Ed's verse finally starts

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  18. Ddddd so the concept is literally, "Taylor is edgy now; she holds AN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE in different cities around the world. BUDGET! SEXY! FIREWORKS! ED SHEERAN AND FUTURE!"

    She's really giving Kelly and Adele a run for the Most Boring Pop Star award. Also, I choked at the 'dance' scene on the boat. Doesn't anyone around her love her? Someone tell her she needs to pick the guitar back up.
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  19. The video was better than I thought it’d be, for whatever that’s worth.

    End Game is still a bop even though I feel like I dislike Ed’s verse more every time I hear it. The song would be exponentially better if Taylor handled both verses. Instead it’s too obviously some white nonsense.
  20. I thought the video was pretty boring, but I really loved all the colors and the night time vibe so at least we have that? She looks great too in various looks.

    I still feel the song makes sense as a single, and I still don't mind it despite the reactions it gets around here. The video feels...so late, this whole campaign is just a confusing mess.
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