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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Not to play the name game but may I point out that Future had a hand in creating your fav’s signature hit this decade? Yes Future is messy but should we drag everyone who works with him?

    Also there have been a lot of times Taylor has been tone deaf in the way she interacts with PoC but it’s amusing to me how when she collaborates with or wheels out white guests on tour she’s labeled exclusionary and then when she does it with PoC she’s ‘tokenizing’ and ‘trying to gain street cred’. I guess she should only ever work with herself from here on out.
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  2. Kylie worked with Future?
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  3. I like it too, 75% of it but it really doesn't need defending / help.
  4. You could literally say that about every pop album.
  5. It's true that Tay has spent several albums slamming men who've wronged her, but Rep is a complete turnaround. She literally talks about cheating in Gorgeous very blatantly, and alludes to it in I Did Something Bad and Getaway Car.
    So the idea that she can't work with Future because he has cheated...I don't really get that, especially since this is the 'new' Taylor etc.

    (Also, if our fave artists were to stop working with every person who's cheated because they've sang about heartbreak, there wouldn't be much collaborations left)
  6. Lots of rappers and other famous male artists have been involved in cheating scandals, it’s not like the rest of the music world is going to start shunning them. The music world doesn’t even shun rapists and abusers like Kodak Black and Xxxtensionxxx or whatever the fuck he’s called.
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  7. Reputation got old for me quickly. I really like literally everything on it but there's not one song that really grips me.

    Speak Now is still her best. And her best era in general.
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  8. Two Brits noms to go with her two Grammy noms. Queen of scamming her way into the Best British Video category. Hoping (but not expecting) she’ll actually show up to the awards.
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  9. Rihanna winning the VMA for Best Male video teas.
  10. I just love how out of place Ed Sheehan looks in the video. He's so awkward compared with the slickness of the video production it's kinda sweet.

    Taylor is a boss, whatever people's views about Future it's pretty clear who's on top in the video and in the real world too. Besides which, Taylor is far too robotic for her to exude any genuine sexuality. Again, it's all very slick and sterile.

    At least Millennium Bridge gets a good look in.
  11. And that video was for a song written by none other than....Nils Sjöberg. It all comes back around.
  12. My genderfluid Queens
  13. Gaga worked with R Kelly and Terry Richardson. Future is a twat but Taylor could've worked with far worse people. Plus the whole Katy Perry situation revealed her hypocrisy years ago.
  14. Every pop album doesn't have the budget. marketing power and big-name pull of Taylor Swift?
    I get going 'don't sleep on Carly / Lorde / Anna of the Nordic Misery' but Taylor is like Coke and H&M - people are avoiding her not sleeping on her.
  15. I'm screaming that I still can't figure out who this is about.

  16. ?
  17. http://www.mtv.com/news/1817123/future-drunk-in-love/

    For some reason I thought that he actually was credited but it turns out the producer took his name off the credits and they “traded” publishing on another song in return. But yeah it was about Drunk In Love*

    *also considered mentioning the tasteless Ike-Tina Turner reference Jay made on the final version but that argument is dead and buried so I’ll just eat my food.
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  18. Future literally had nothing to do with Drunk In Love other than CLAIMING he was asked to do the vocals for Detail’s producer demo, a statement which was never corroborated by Detail, and he no credit in either the writing or production. If you’re going to lead with a lie on Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter’s name to defend Miss White Nationalism 2018 then I will not entertain the rest of your post. Good day.
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  19. Anyone with ears can hear that she used some of the melodies that he came up with. Beyond that, Ariana, Rihanna, Nicki, Kellegend Rowlegend, and more have all collaborated with Future, does that invalidate their feminism?

    You are free to dislike Taylor all you want but if her working with Future is a problem I hope you were saying the same things in Ariana’s thread when Everyday was released as a single.
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  20. I’ve never held my tongue on Gaga and she can still choke for working with multiple rapists and then never addressing the fact despite being lauded as an activist for TIHTY, but I don’t see how she has any bearing on this. Taylor can be criticized for how she’s hypocritical in multiple ways and I made this point around the album release, but the video coming out and their shared scenes brought the issue up again.
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