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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Let's not pretend Work From Home isn't better than Taylor's entire discography. Heck, Down is better thank anything she's recorded outside of 1989, but this is not the thread for that.

    I think my issue with this video is that the joy and verve exuded in things like 22 and Blank Page that made them so much fun is completely absent here. With the first two videos of this era, I figured she was playing a character, so it was part of the role. With End Game, it's just Taylor being Taylor, and I've come to realize what a dull concept that ends up being for a video.
  2. Someboy

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    *Reads posts about 1989 being super popular because of its upbeat 'Carly Rae' songs.*

    *Reminds self that Emotion, the album that made Carly Carly, came after 1989, and people posted about it being the album 1989 wanted to be.*

    *Oddly remembers Blank Space, which was compared to Lorde, and Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar, being the two biggest hits from 1989, not Style or Out of the Woods, the more classic pop tunes.*

    *Thinks Taylor might have remembered these details as well.*

    *Posits End Game, with its sparse chorus vocals, big hooks, and features is a calculation based on hits from 1989.*

    *Sees dozens of posts saying what is she doing, why is she doing this, she's lost it, she's repulsive.*

    *Utterly confused.*
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    Someboy Moderator

    Quick, @BEST FICTION, make a Lotus' impact joke.
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  4. (Would it be a more unpopular opinion if I replied that Down was one of the worst songs of 2017, or that 1989 is Taylor’s 4th best album)
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  5. Definitely that 1989 is Taylor's 4th best album. Opinions on Down are pretty divided on this forum.
  6. A true conundrum.

    What I can tell is you is I don't agree with your taste in the slightest.
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  7. I’ve accepted that when it comes to Taylor I want vastly different things than the rest of this forum. Maybe when the dust settles 1989 will re-enter the holy trinity but Speak Now and Red will remain her 2 best for the foreseeable future.
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  8. I don't accept any pre-2014 Taylor material, but that's just me.
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  9. It physically pains me to think of somebody not appreciating State of Grace or Enchanted, but I respect your decision.
  10. Carly comparison wasn't an accusation, but a simple comparison, ie: If Carly took such a direction, most people would be similarly put-off, like many are with this era. They're two artists who people don't go to for icy chainsaw synths and big pop star ego verging on being sociopathic. The sound in question is also a sound that Taylor actually continues developing with this album, but for some reason has hidden on the half of the album not getting any promo.

    You're incorrect suggesting Bad Blood was bigger than Shake It Off - it was not, and Blank Space isn't like the singles from this era. Your take ignores that Wildest Dreams ended up a longer-lasting hit than Bad Blood and one the general public look back more fondly on, as it's one of her biggest radio staples. So all you've brought up is the memory of Bad Blood - which was a front-loaded remix propped up by cynical cameos - and that you think she was smart for using it as a template.

    *gestures to the history-making awful callout scores and the complete rejection of every single thus far by radio listeners* maybe she should have thought harder.

    I love pedantry as much as everything, sis, but c'mon.
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  11. And let me just say the Reputation singles are NO Bad Blood (single mix feat. Kendrick). Sadly.
  12. What a boring video.
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  13. You're going to give me an ulcer.
  14. i wanted more sloppy choreo :sadface:
  15. I tried, but simply cannot get into Reputation. It's good, but just doesn't 'stick' as 1989 did.
  16. This is still the best lyrical offering from Taylor from the past year.

    Everything on Reputation, even the stand-out tracks like Delicate, just lack the maturity or consistency to hang together as a set of decent lyrics.
  17. I’m so glad Better Man is getting the recognition it deserves with the Song of the Year win at the ACMs and the Best Country Song nomination at the Grammys. It would have been completely out of place sonically on Reputation but I’m glad she found a way to make sure it still got released into the world so Calvin knows he’s not shit.

    Also her transitioning from This Is What You Came For straight into Better Man at the Super Saturday show last February...is a classic Taylor move.
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  18. Speak Now is absolutely phenomenal, as is a solid half of the Red songs, so I'm with you there.

    I mainly feel sad for people who don't listen to her pre-1989 because they're missing out on SO much. I stanned since Teardrops on my Guitar tbh
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  19. Better Man would be improved if Taylor sang it, but it's reassuring to know she can still write an excellent country song.
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  20. 2014

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    I tried to listen to this album again today but I decided against it and have had State Of Grace on repeat instead which I think was a good call.
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