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Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 5, 2017.

  1. Also, I'm sorry, but after the past year and a half I absolutely do not buy the idea that Taylor is Just Another Quirky Girl with Dreams, Y'all(:
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  2. this is what happens when you work with joseph kahn for the millionth time. what a fucking disaster this era is..
  3. Wow ok.. at least she looked like she was feeling her oats.
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  4. Rem


    Why do the best songs on the album always get the worst video? First Style, and now this? Mess.
  5. The screen grab for the video looks so promising! Then you press play.

    Why does she insist on doing her best songs like this? Blank Space is her only great song to come out unscathed.
  6. Between this, Style, & New Romantics... her homophobia knows no bounds.
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  7. I haven’t hated a video for a song I love so much since Make Me.
  8. The video's fine.
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  9. Ugh. Ariana Grande Everyday pt. 2 (Sia Remix).

    I hate it when songs I love get wacky, mis-matched, "funny!" videos.
  10. rdp


    Did anyone really ask for a music video based on this:

  11. Everyday/Swish Swish/Delicate: The Unholy Trinity.
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  12. She's lost any camera presence that might've made this weird video treatment work. It's so bad.
  13. The video is so well shot but this concept... no ma'am.
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  14. Like I needed another reason for her to shitcan Joseph Kahn, but I'll take it
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  15. At least the Style video kinda matched the vibe of the song. Delicate is very chilled out and romantic, and gets Chandelier pt. 2.
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  16. The "funny!" video for the Reputation error was already Look What You Made Me Do.

    Was it so hard to stick with the theme of the song?
  17. Please just end the era, go on tour, and return as a competent pop star in 2019 thanks xx.
  18. Yeah, I actually liked the Style video.

    I don't know why she sabotaged the video for one of the only songs on Reputation where she completely nails this R&B-lite, nocturnal vibe. There was so much potential. If anything, End Game should have been the "comedy!" video instead of her & Ed Sheeran awkwardly posturing in a club.
  19. *2021

    I think we all need a break from her and Joseph for a bit.
  20. I wanted Getaway Car as a single after this but not anymore.
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