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Taylor Swift - Reputation Stadium Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Nov 11, 2017.

  1. First announced dates:


    Tour dates will be announced soon according to Billboard

    Crossing my fingers that she has taken geography lessons during this break and learned that Latin America exists
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  2. She better come to Ireland. Not seeing her on the 1989 Tour is one of my biggest concert regrets ever.
  3. Did she tour Asia last time??
  4. The 1989 tour had

    • 7 shows in Asia
    • 63 in North America
    • 8 in Europe
    • 7 in Oceania
    • 85 total
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  5. Just when I thought the album thread was enough, she keeps delivering...
  6. Scream. In the era of skipping Ireland, this is the pop star you want.

    Keep it.
  7. 1989 being under-toured in Europe still pisses me off to this day.
  8. Yes, one of them. I also wanted to see Gaga, Lorde, Rita etc.
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  9. I want to see her deliver a proper crime thriller on stage for Look What You Made Me Do/I Did Something Bad.
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  10. Taste located! Yas.
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  11. I want a full Hitchcock-style psychological thriller style production, otherwise I will be disappointed.
  12. What in the fresh hell is going on in this thread?
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  13. I'm ill please leave me be I'm sorry
  14. Suddenly I don't want tickets.
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  16. Luc


    A stadium tour in Europe also?
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  17. Her last one was
  18. The stadiums announcing it on their twitter pages before Taylor has said anything makes me think that some people are gonna be getting sued.
  19. I only read that part and was like 'ha! the shade'
  20. Looks like the European dates will be in June, or at arenas in the winter.
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