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Taylor Swift - Reputation Stadium Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Just had a look at the Dublin date on TM out of interest, it appears all pitch and lower tier seats are gone for the first (Fri 15th) date, which makes me happy as I won't be looking at a load of empty seats. Only shitty upper tier seats left.
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  2. Someboy

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    Because when you want the truth, you go to a Murdoch paper.
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  3. You don't have to go to any paper...just look at the seat maps

    She should've booked arenas
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  4. Most of all, Arena shows are just so much more enjoyable than stadium shows. Chances are at a stadium show, that you'll be so far away you may as well have just waited for the DVD.

    I say this but The Formation Tour is the best show I've Been to.
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  5. Is it me or did they change the layout so you can't take screen grabs of the available seating maps anymore?
  6. They definitely did for the UK dates. You used to be able to see all the empty seats but you can't now.
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  7. You can still see them for American shows. There's still plenty of tickets even within the first 10-20 rows of the stage face value. I'm sure sales will pickup, but compared to 1989 when entire stadiums were selling out right after the presale this is pretty tragic.

    Lower bowl seats of a stadium should not be 450 dollars face value. 200 dollars is even pushing it for a stadium show. Whoever priced these tickets needs a fast reality check. An upper bowl ticket on the side is 220 dollars face value. Tickets that high up shouldn't be sold for more than 60 USD.
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  8. SCREAM. Taylor found scheming (again).

  9. Ummm when? If they're not selling after an album and 3-4 'hits' when will they?
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  10. When the Groupon deals start.
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  11. They're saying it's part of a larger plan to sell them over a longer period of time and reduce touting. It's cut down on that for sure, but it just looks like it's passed on the excessive costs of second had tickets to those buying officially now. If they do eventually reduce the prices closer to the dates I imagine a lot of people will be pissed off, myself included. I wonder if it's a strategy ticketmaster will be trying with other acts, like the Verified Fan thing.
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  12. Exactly. A $49 ticket from Viagogo would cost you $99-120. Now it costs $149 from the start!
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  13. RJF


    I still don't really get the schedule of the tickets going on sale when it appeared there were weeks between different sale times for the same dates, with fans basically held back in starting blocks while other fans got a head start because they either... paid for it or tweeted a lot? It all seemed really convoluted and basically an excuse to lead fans round a maze and make them work for every turn.
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  14. But at the end of the day the tickets just aren't selling? Lowering the prices won't be seen as a smart strategy to avoid scalpers, it would just be seen as an embarrassing discount.
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  15. It was a total mess from what I could see online, and some of the fans went overboard with the boosts (some bought like 10+ albums ddd), when it didn't really make much of a difference anyway, since the tickets are still available even now because of the confusing pricing strategy. The technicality of it was terrible as well; I saw one fan asking why their position in line was behind their friend, even though they had 3 or 4 times the boost activity as the other person did. It was the same story for other acts. U2's was a mess as well, I think.

    It was an interesting idea in theory, but it was executed really poorly. The ability to get boosts through free activities wasn't promoted enough, and those with enough money at their disposal were insane about it. I hope it's scrapped next time, or else they need to revamp the process completely.
  16. But that's the point, it just didn't work. It's great that they're trying to find some way of stopping scalpers, but passing higher prices on to fans just wasn't good enough, and the more casual concert goers were scared off.
  17. People are willing to pay 500 bucks for a scalped ticket because there's no other way of getting that seat. Its desperation. When the ticket is 500 bucks face value and still available, its less appealing
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  18. Let's be honest, she's not a draw anymore.
    She was during RED and 1989 and now her fans have already seen her live or can't afford the prices or like something else (Ed Sheeran). She's not known for her massive shows or her krazzzyyy stage antics plus she doesn't have the many hits Bey or Madonna or Gaga have that can draw casuals.

    Kii that the post above could also be about Katy.
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  19. Can I just say how refreshing @CIOB is as a fan and also, you don't scam your fans when you're popular. You scam them when you're TLC and trying to tour 20 years later. She shouldn't treat her fans like share holders. It will snake bite her in the ass next era. ALSO pretty sure 90% of the fans attending the european stadiums shows will leave feeling cheated because stadiums are terrible.
  20. I think both Taylor(‘s team) and Ticketmaster could have handled the verified fans thing rollout much better, but as it stands many of the US dates are about 80% sold* with 4 months left before the tour starts. Obviously sellouts are the goal but she would have to play 3 or more nights in an arena to play for the same number of people as an 80% sold stadium. She’ll be fine.

    On a personal note I’d rather her have done arenas, because they make for more enjoyable shows but Taylor in wanting to make more money shocker.

    *there are some stragglers (the Rose Bowl shows are not doing great, but others like Levi’s stadium are nearly sold out).
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