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Taylor Swift - Reputation Stadium Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Nov 11, 2017.

  1. 80% sold is a great result, are you sure?
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  3. But its really embarrassing to play to 20% empty seats. Thats a fifth of the venue. Imagine a fifth of the seats being empty, its pretty noticeable. The alternate is upgrading everyone and sectioning areas off, which is even worse. She could make tickets even more expensive for arenas and play several nights in a row. Then there's no clickbait articles about her playing to "half empty" stadiums and how she's "over now."
  4. I agree she should be playing arenas, for general listener experience and also not to run the risk of empty shows. But she said before she likes that she can do like 2 shows a week with stadiums.

    I'm still shocked she's doing two Croke Park dates in Dublin, it's freaking huge. One night she probably could've sold out but not two.
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  5. Same to be honest, expecting to sell around 160,000 tickets in a country where she has only sold 25,000 tickets in her career (2 shows) was...a choice.
  6. I mean, that’s assuming no more tickets get sold between now and when the tour starts in 4 months, with some dates still a good 9 months away. Even if they don’t get all the way sold out I don’t doubt her team is thinking of ways to shift some of the remaining tickets. And the articles are annoying but if negative articles actually impacted her career reputation wouldn’t have sold over 1 million first week. People that aren’t tuned into stan twitter or pop music forums aren’t going to see/pay attention to articles about Taylor Swift’s ticket sales.
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  7. Right, but that doesn't mean the thousands and thousands of resale tickets will sell too. Scalpers bought up lots of these tickets expecting a big demand.

    And to an extent, it is all harming her career. She had great album sales, but Look wasn't as huge as Shake It Off, Ready For It wasn't as huge as Blank Space, and End Game (with 1 huge feature and 1 decent feature) isn't shaping up to be as big as Style.

    She's clearly declined, it doesn't mean she still isn't a huge force. There's just been some dumb moves.
  8. I'm not a snake apologist BUT:

    The whole "Beyoncé style no promo" thing she tried this era clearly hurt her ticket sales but with the amount that Reputation managed to sell regardless, I doubt she's worried about performing to 80% of a stadium instead of 100%. Well, maybe she's a little bit shook since she's hidden the available seats on Ticketmaster.
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  9. She's Taylor Swift. She probably can't sleep at night knowing each show didn't sellout on presale.
  10. Oh even as a stan I don’t disagree that she’s starting to decline a bit as a commercial force, but she’s on her 6th album and in the 12th year of her career. A natural decline is inevitable no matter who you are, and the numbers she’s still able to pull make a lot of the other pop girls look silly. But people (not you, just in general) will do the most because of who it is.
  11. Yeah...I'm trying to be logical. I'm by no means a hater who wants to see her fail. I just think they could've made her look more successful by being less ambitious. But I agree, she's 12 years in this was going to happen eventually. And I do think those stadiums would've been soldout if she (or "they") had cut costs down.
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  12. Since we're at it once again with the debates, let me post this somewhat old article with detailed sales information:



    -Lincoln Financial Field - 48,039 sold (just got a 2nd date)
    -Levi's Stadium - 47,000 sold, $9 Million in revenue (got a 2nd date too)
    -Heinz Field - 35,419 sold, 12K tickets still on sale (to draw a comparison, Beyonce 'sold out' this same stadium with 36,325)


    The following stadiums all sold ranging from 35,419 to 48,039

    -CenturyLink Field (Seattle)
    -Sports Authority Field (Denver)
    -Raymond James Stadium (Tampa)
    -Nissan Stadium (Nashville)
    -Ford Field (Detroit)
    -Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas)
    -NRG Stadium (Houston)


    Outside of the article's info, there are several places where she did amazingly and therefore she added a new batch of dates that goes on sale later on the month. Those being:

    -3rd date at Gillette Stadium (Foxborough)
    -3rd date at MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford)
    -AT&T Stadium (Arlington)
    -FedEx Field (Washington)
    -U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis)
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  13. I'm not doubting that overall she'll win with what's been sold, and with a potential price drop closer to each date, but it's just a really unfair way to treat fans, especially those who have been loyal in light of everything that's happened around her in the last couple of years.

    All that being said, I'm sure the show itself will be great. The 1989 tour was one of the best shows I ever went to (despite those weird interludes of her friends blowing smoke up her ass), so I think she can put the extortionate amount of money she's getting to good use. It would prefer it to be in an arena but hopefully she can make the stadium venues worth her while. She was able to do it on select 1989 dates, so I have faith she can do it this time, too.
  14. Stadium shows just need a catwalk and another stage a bit further so that everyone can see her close at least for a few songs. If she does that fans will leave happy.

    But the same thing in arenas - even better.
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  15. I'm very curious about who the openers will be, she's really knocked it out of the park the last 2 tours. Look what happened to Ed and Shawn after... not suggesting she was the cause of that, they just happened to blow up after
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  16. Yeah, she isn't the cause but she surely helped. But the important thing is that she's great at spotting potential. Also Justin Bieber opened some of the Fearless Tour shows.

    In other news, most dates seem to be at least at around 40K+ sold already. Next Wednesday is the general on-sale for the 7 extra dates so we'll see how they do!
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  17. I've checked the maps for those shows several times since the sale date started and the maps for the UK/Oceania dates have always been color-coded seating charts of the venue (SO annoying), not the interactive maps as seen in the North American dates that show the empty/sold seats.


    General public sales for the 6 new NA dates start today @ 10 AM local time. I saw someone on Facebook comment that there's less than 4,000 tickets available for every US date. Assuming this is true, with months still left till the first date of the tour, the shows should all be just about sold out. I can't believe she's sold as much as she has with these ridiculous prices. The good sis should toss me a cute million.
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  18. But:
  19. What the hell! Those maps never showed for me for the UK/Australian dates and it annoyed/killed me IMMENSELY since I wanted to see how they were doing. Did those maps also show up for the Oceania dates? I've been dying to know how the overseas shows have been performing.
  20. I only checked London and Manchester dates for a few kiis a few weeks ago, they changed them after that I guess.
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