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Taylor Swift - Reputation Stadium Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Nov 11, 2017.

  1. They were up initially, but they were gone shortly after. Not sure if they're back up again currently?
  2. Camila Cabello and Charli XCX confirmed as opening acts for the tour.
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  3. Emmm AMAZING?! I am even more excited now.

    I saw her perform with Charli in Toronto, they were great together.
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  4. Bops galore.
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  5. As if paying £200 to hear End Game wasn't bad enough, the poor attendees have to suffer Havana too. The Bad Place is real.
  6. Where? Which leg?
  7. as a note: ANOTHER tour that Charli is support for?! I highkey hope this means there's a joint collab, or two single collabs, with both of them on a reissue of reputation.
  8. she just announced it on instagram - i guess the whole tour, since Europe is only 6 dates/3 cities.
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  9. Is it one or the other or are both supporting all dates?
  10. Taylor's latest insta post is
  11. instagram story (sorry, should have been more specific), but also here:
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  12. If it was just Camila and Charli + Delicate = best night ever.
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  13. (and Style)
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  14. Can I go to this concert instead?
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  15. Stage design + rehearsal footage
  16. That package looks so amazing. I want one. UGH!

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  17. I'm still pressed that she didn't come to Mexico when she was touring 1989. I would've loved to see her when she was at her peak and before her demise. Queen of avoiding third world countries I guess
  18. I'm legitimately impressed by the VIP packaging.
  19. Those boxes are cool as hell. I wish I had money.
  20. Wow, that packaging... At least you get your money’s worth!
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