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Taylor Swift - Reputation Stadium Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Luc


    She usually do 6-8 dates in Europe per tour.. mainly in UK and Germany. I guess they can squeeze these shows in the June gap.

    With Australian & NZ shows at the end in like October/November!
  2. Welp, my date is August 11
  3. Dddddd
  4. It's Taylor. Of course she will
  5. RJF


    How on earth have I managed to see Taylor Swift during her four minute European tour but you couldn't catch her during her American residency?
  6. I hope I've got money when the UK dates get announced. I've forked out enough on her merch this week!
  7. I used to be poor.
  8. Vas' account wiped from existence in fünf, vier, drei...
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  9. This is... scary?

    Also poor Katy.
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  10. Can't believe I bought two albums and steamed her video a couple dozen times to get priority on Taylor Tix only for her to be in America when I'm not.
  11. Has she/her team explained how this absolutely bullshit idea about gaining points in exchange for being able to buy tickets is actually going to work?
  12. The website says those fans get to purchase ahead of the general sale.
  13. This is karma for dragging Little Mix bih x
  14. she is going to get swallowed up in stadiums.
  15. This is the universe making me rethink seeing them so many times
  16. She did stadiums last tour no?
    All seated too.
  17. RJF


    I honestly don't know how the Americans constantly deal with no GA floor at concerts.
  18. Presuming she'll be doing Dublin again since the fan club announcement clearly said 'UK/Ireland' tour, and I am SO there.
    3Arena would be much better than an outdoor stadium.
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  19. Yes. You get an email on December 2nd with a code and information about your presale date/time.
  20. I saw her at stadium shows for 1989 and Red and she aced it both times, honestly. She has a very devoted fanbase, as we all know, and i don’t recall her losing the attention of the audience at any point during either show.
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