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Taylor Swift - Reputation Stadium Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Nov 11, 2017.

  1. After my experiences at Marina and the Diamonds and Lana Del Rey, I prefer seated. I don’t have any 15 year old girls punching me in my back to get me to move because I’m 6’3” and they decided to show up at the concert 5 minutes before it started. I bought this seat and you can’t do shit about it.
  2. Only one Canadian date? Is she joking?
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  3. I'm intrigued about going to the July 28th date at Gillette Stadium, especially since it's on a Saturday this time.
  4. As someone who is 6'5", I'm screaming at the accuracy.

    I really want to go to this. Any murmurings about when UK dates would occur?
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  5. I dislike seated floors arena/stadium shows for many reasons:
    -difficult to buy tickets for larger groups
    -you never know who you'll be paying $150-300 to be seated next to or behind
    -closer tickets can cost several times more than those further back
    -complainers that buy floor seats and expect the people in front of them to be seated
    -seated shows encourage overpriced VIP packages

    In the US, the majority of shows are seated, sometimes with a small GA Pit at a premium price. But some acts have been really consistent here with always having GA floors (Gaga and The Killers come to mind).

    I'm hoping Taylor's tour isn't reserved floor seats this time. The pit on the 1989 tour was too small.
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  6. I'll go if I can get tickets. But I don't want to see her in a stadium though. Considering she was here in Ziggo Dome with the 1989 tour hopefully she'll do that again.
  7. Wow, so on top of already having people improve their spot in queues by having them buy merch, they now will be sorting these people into groups with small windows based on their price ranges? I wonder if prices will be announced before the windows open, or if Ticketmaster is actually just asking these people what the most they'll pay for a ticket is. This seems incredibly transparent and malicious.
  8. R92


    Her Machiavellian ways are awe-inspiring, terrifying, infuriating, and impressive.
  9. RJF


    You have to appreciate the fact that she's cutting out the middle man and extorting her fans herself rather than letting second hand sites get the coin that she could get for selling a t-shirt.
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  10. I wonder if the Night in the Woods people have seen that animation.
  11. They won't be separated by price ranges, they will be separated by the priority levels on the Taylor Swift Tix thing...
  12. RJF


    Like, I would understand (and appreciate the ingenuity) of an album preorder from her webstore where the order is somehow paired with your Ticketmaster account, giving you presale access that is locked into your account exclusively. That would be cool, but to then divide that further by upping your place in the queue if you buy merch is a bit... exploitive. Twist the screws a bit, I guess.
  13. [​IMG]

    A reverse
  14. Since this is a tour thread I'd just like to remind everyone how shit it is that we never got a Red Tour DVD but the 1989 Monologues presented by Apple Music & every celebrity guest possible was released.
  15. I've seen some people that have high priority on the boost thing, and they haven't bought any merchandise yet. Basically by watching videos and sharing tweets, but I haven't paid attention to see how it really works
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  16. Trying to get tickets to this sounds exhausting. Poor all of you who care.
  17. Once again measuring success against scoring points. Not a chance in hell I’ll even attempt to see her on her UK mini break using that kind of fuckery, she’d probably assign me a ticket in the car park.
  18. Speaking of which, the reviews have kept rolling in and this stands at a 72 on Metacritic now - her lowest scoring album.

    Edit: Wait... this is the tour thread... nnñ
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  19. Just leave a tab open at work, mute the videos and let them repeat until you've maxed out the daily play limit for priority
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  20. That's not even needed. There's a general on-sale days after the Taylor Swift Tix presale!
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