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Taylor Swift - Reputation Stadium Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Red and1989 were stadiums too and she was honestly pretty great.
  2. Oh, I saw her in an arena that's why I'm saying this ohhhhh
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  3. I usually have no trouble getting tickets but I wouldn’t have gotten 1989 ones without the presale. Tried again to get better ones during general on sale and it was an absolute no go.
  4. I only attended one major concert in my life so i really wouldn't know. Does it really get that hard to buy tickets? Hope you can get into one of the presales then!
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  5. She’s the only one I’ve had the issue with. It probably also depends on the capacity of the venue, maybe it won’t be as bad with stadiums (my date was an arena).
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  6. I feel like the promoter is going to do everything possible to sell as many tickets as they can during the pre-sale window to gauge interest and get faster sellouts in case they need to add more dates in cities
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  7. Oh that could be why then. The arenas sold out in the blink of an eye. But i dont see her selling out the stadiums that fast. In fact, i don't want to put it out there, but i'm not sure if she still has enough pull to sell this out after her damaged reputation. We'll find out in December 13th i guess, hoping for the best!
  8. She's breaking her own sales records right now.
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  9. I dont know. I've been worried for the tour before the era even started. Maybe i'm worrying too much for no reason, i hope i am!
  10. I've never been to a stadium concert before, but I've always felt like it would probably be pretty shit? Stadiums are so massive, where besides the front row would you actually have a good view of the stage without binoculars?
  11. Yeah, I fucking hate stadium shows but she's been doing them in America since Speak Now (!!) so I've had little chance to see her without them. I paid $100 for Beyonce and still felt like I was in the parking lot.
  12. They are alright if you get GA standing, because you can usually 'weave' your way relatively close to the front. I'd hate to be seated in a stadium - the seats around the edge or at the back of that size venue are way too far from the stage.
  13. I was front row of the lower bowl at One Direction, on the side, and it was ok
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  14. Seated at the back, you may as well watch it from the tube station.
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  15. If you're the first few rows / people in front of the stage and then the ones surrounding the catwalk, you're fine. Everything else sucks.
  16. No way she’s just playing London...........????
  17. RJF


    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF European stadium dates in October and November?!?!?!?! Wrap up warm girls!!!!!!
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  18. Nnd just ignore me. I believed a troll friend
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  19. The latest stadium shows can take place in Europe is early September because of when football season kicks off.

    I think Europe will either get a few stadium shows in June or a more extensive arena leg in autumn.
  20. The email Taylor Nation sent out about the US tour says 'dates for England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand will be announced later"

    What if she doesn't go anywhere else in Europe?
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