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Taylor Swift - Reputation Stadium Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Ok but having Treacherous, Our Song and Wildest Dreams on the setlist makes the show sounds 20 times better.
  2. Influenza whomst?
  3. Bronchitis and Sinusitis found snivelling.
  4. More videos from last night:

    They were so lucky. They got Treacherous, Wildest Dreams and Our Song!
  5. I must be one of the only Taylor stans who doesn't like Our Song, but SO jealous of Wildest Dreams and Treacherous, both probably in my Taylor top 10. She's been on a great run of songs recently.
  6. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I was at that show! It was so good. I was just few rows up on b-stage that she stayed at too had an incredible view.
  7. Hey guys, can somebody help me find a song from this? Somebody posted on facebook some video from the tour where I think the screens were filled with sort of churchy images? I saw the video but I didn't write down any of the lyrics or saved the post and now I can't find find out which song it is.

  8. Don’t Blame Me?
  9. YES, thank you!
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  10. Taylor performed Babe for the first time tonight.
  11. That just makes me want her solo Red demo version to leak even more.
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  12. She did Welcome To New York as the surprise song for her first of three nights at MetLife Stadium.

    Also she wore some new outfits 304C97E2-0CBC-4DE4-9202-AE79AA712D99.jpeg DBA76047-4041-41FD-ABBD-D8B384FAA1EB.jpeg
    The new Delicate/Shake It Off one kind of looks like a tide pod but I love the red bodysuit.
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  13. Fearless and Clean last night (the latter was because it was raining). Amazing.

    Also @Babyface at least she’s aware that she looks like a tide pod in the new SIO dress ddd

  14. Longer video of Fearless:

    One of my all time favorite Taylor songs. It’s so effortlessly euphoric.
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  15. RJF


    She sounds terrible on "Clean", wow.
  16. Unnnnffff Fearless is just her best. Still so blessed it was my Red surprise tune. She knew.

    I wish I could have seen this tour but Queen has to go and sell out distant stadiums or whatever.
  17. She doesn't even remember the lyrics to Clean dd. She sang it only because of the pouring rain line, didn't she?

    I think I would like to experience one of her concerts under the rain, although I would probably end up in bed for like a week afterwards
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  18. I’ve gotta say, her whipping out gems for each show is high key a genius move / super fun for the fans. I think it really does make each show feel a bit special. I think all artists should do it actually.
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  19. Speaking of gems from her back catalogue:

    That was a classic, that was a classic.

    Also, as of tonight Taylor has played MetLife Stadium 6 times in her career, tying Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen for the most all time. She really is an incredible touring force in North America, Australia, and Japan.
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  20. Selfishly, I hate when artists do this - mainly because if I was to go I’d get that horrendous track literally nobody wants and the next date would get the Ace Reject of their discography.
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