Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

I can’t imagine anyone really thinks she’s not bothered by this tragic incident, she has to reconcile her responsibility in this on a personal level, something not many other people have to as ultimately this was a Taylor Swift concert.

She also has to show empathy while putting on a greatest hits show and entertaining thousands of fans and while the Taylor Swift machine just keeps churning. I’m sure there is some PR at play but she is one of the biggest artists in the world right now, some sites will genuinely just be running the story because it’s news.

I would like her to help the family in some way and I am disappointed to think that she hasn’t but I don’t feel that we’re at the point of really casting a judgement on her for it.

Who knows what the longer term series of events will be - I would like to see her drive meaningful change to prevent tragedies like this happening again.
I also don't really know the ins and outs of how these things work, but since there will obviously (and rightly) be huge legal action brought against T4F, I wonder if Taylor has been advised by her legal team to be extremely careful with how involved she gets.

There is no way she won't aid the family financially and probably in other ways also. I would quite literally bet everything I own that she will eventually. But its probably not as simple as it appears right now. If she had tragically died in an accident on her way to the show, for example, things would be a lot more straightforward.
There are just too many factors at play to make a judgment. That twitter thread makes several assumptions. It's possible that playing in extreme heat in Rio, with body heat from 50k+ fans, would have a fatal outcome for somebody even without the neglect from the concert organiser. Add in their neglect, the potential lawsuits that will follow in multiple directions, Taylor's careful response, the accusations of PR distractions... I just don't think it's possible to form a clean judgment on who should be doing or saying what here.

We do know Taylor is not heartless enough to never do anything for the family of this poor girl. At the same time making a donation now could easily be seen legally as an admission of guilt and open her up to lawsuits when it's clearly the promoter/venue at fault. I think being "disgusted" by Taylor right now is indeed a bit much, but it's understandable that people are feeling very raw about this.
Even if her team and/or her knew about what happened during the show just imagine telling 60k+ people the show is canceled or postponed after one or two songs, they would destroy the entire stadium. I mean, I would dddddd
If anyone thinks that she is just simply choosing not to say anything, and not that she has been informed exactly what she can and can’t do about this situation from some of the best lawyers and advisors in the world to avoid the situation getting worse for any party involved, then I hope you find your common sense fairly soon.

It’s a tragedy what happened, and the correct people should be held accountable. Saying this kind of stuff about Taylor herself just takes pressure off those who need to be held accountable.
It’s not like it would be cancelled because of something minor. Someone literally died.

When the show on Saturday got postponed after everyone knew what happened the day before there were still people refusing to leave the stadium, leaking her hotel, threatening her, etc. Imagine if something like this happened and no one knew why.

That said, I do agree that this is being handled in a very weird way but as the last post says, I do believe that with a team as strong as hers there's a reason for this. I hope that there's a way for Taylor or someone else to help Ana's family to at least make sure nothing as terrible as this will ever happen again on what is supposed to be a fun event. This is a huge tragedy and I'm not trying to excuse her by downplaying it.
Another factor is there are like four more shows to get through on this cursed leg of the tour, 200k+ fans have paid big money and travelled, and they all deserve a flawless, business as usual show. I'm sure she's dying to fast forward a week, breathe and figure out how to navigate and respond properly but, gruesome as it sounds, the show literally does have to go on for now.
I’m never here to police anyone’s feelings and people have the right to be upset (especially fans in Brazil) but I do think it’s important to take a breath and take a step back. It’s very clear that the shortcomings of that first show and the tragedy of Ana’s passing fall firmly on the shoulders of T4F. I don’t think it was done with malicious intent when Taylor said in her statement that Ana passed before the show, I just think she/her team were misinformed. Obviously it would…look better on paper if it happened beforehand, but I don’t think they’d lie about it. I saw many conflicting reports myself, I can only imagine the chaos it was to actually be in the middle of it.

I did think Taylor’s statement was a bit odd, but there’s no rulebook, there are no guidelines on how to handle a tragedy like this. It was clear to me that she was being careful with her words, which is understandable given the nature of the situation. We literally do not know anything about what’s happening behind the scenes right now. I’m positive this is a legal issue. Her team will have advised her to not say or do anything that might even have a sliver of a chance of “admitting guilt”. They will have advised her to tread very carefully. Is it cold? Yeah, but legal matters typically are. It’s also possible she’s waiting to get this show over with and she’ll make another statement/reach out to the family when she’s out of Rio, possibly when she’s out of Brazil entirely after the 26th. I know that I wouldn’t want to publicly speak out against the entertainment company running my show right before I have to go do that show. What does not need to happen is for people to get even more riled up, creating a volatile environment. I don’t think it’s a reach to assume that Taylor’s safety is also a factor right now, too. People were already leaking her hotel address and getting very angry after Saturday’s show was postponed. As far as stopping the first show, is there any proof or confirmation that she was informed of the situation during the show? I would think if her team knew at that point, they certainly wouldn’t pull her off stage or say “oh hey, just so you’re aware...” during a quick costume change.

The focus right now should be getting through this show tonight with no one getting seriously injured or losing their life.

I’m positive Taylor will take care of the family when she’s able to move and speak more freely. I know she’s a corporate machine and a business and whatnot, but she’s also a human being and she’s not heartless. She’s shown several times throughout the years that she cares about her fans and I really don’t believe that she’s just shrugging this off. I imagine she’s probably not in a great place mentally or physically with performing in the extreme heat for 3+ hours and then trying to reconcile one of her fans losing her life because she came to her show. Again, we have absolutely no clue what’s happening between Taylor’s team, T4F, the stadium, insurance, etc. I imagine that in itself is pretty volatile. Other than Ana’s family suing the shit out of T4F, they shouldn’t be dragged into that mess. I’m so glad that fans were able to raise the money to get her body back to her family, and I hope they’re feeling the love and support from fans around the world.

There’s no way to make this situation any less devastating. We can wish things were said and done differently but we have the benefit of looking in from the outside. Carrying the weight of tragedy is not easy, especially with the entire world’s eyes on you. Losing a loved one like this is unimaginable and I can’t fathom how much her family and friends are hurting, and they have to mourn with so many strangers looking at them, too.
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