Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

She can take her own personal time to express how she feels about this but Ana's family can't have the same privilege. They can't wait for her only daughter's body to go back to their town for that long. It is still unbelievable they were only able to bring Ana back to their parents because fans and friends started a crowdfunding project. It's not surprising that T4F didn't do anything but her and her team not doing anything is definitely not a good look (plus we all share the feeling that if the same thing happened in the US or in Europe, her team would cooperate way more than they are doing here).

Also performing ME!.................. the way she hates Brazilians dddd
I’ve been a little hard on her in her As Big As The Beatles Era, but come on, this woman has never let her fans down in important moments. She is old and wise enough in being a celebrity to know that what happened shouldn’t be about her, and making it about her response would be a bad, bad look. She will do something in her time, and it may be even longer before we hear about it. Spare a bit of grace.
Once again you all do far, far too much on Me. I knew she would perform it at some point, and as expected, the crowd screamed it at the top of their lungs. You all would do the exact same if you were there too dd. It was a bad lead single but the hate for it is over the top and forced at this point.

So It Goes though??? They really won with that one, SO underrated.
Another fan died, this time at the yesterday's show.

According to the newspaper, he was found near around the stadium and with the same symptoms as Ana.

edit: the Mayor of Rio said that it WASN'T related to the show. Thank god!
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