Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

I like most of the set list choices and her sheer motivation and dedication to perform a 3-hour concert, but I guess at the same time I find this approach too predictable. It makes total sense for the "eras" title, but for me, the majority of my excitement always comes from seeing how the performer reimagines the old songs and how they are sequenced with the new ones. That's probably all Madonna's fault because the first tour (on TV, dd) I was exposed to was the Confessions tour.
Obviously she’s only really chosen to do the Eras Tour because she’s released four new albums (+ two TVs) since her last tour. Otherwise, this could have very easily have just been The Midnights Tour.

This tour draws a line under the first ten eras so that when the tour for Album 11 comes around, she has the freedom to do whatever she wants without feeling like she owes her past albums anything.
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I really hope international/UK dates get this length though I will riot if we only get watered down because of stupid curfews.

I know it will never happen but give us a Cardiff date! I know it will just be London but manifesting here.
I genuinely can't see her performing this long for the whole tour. I'm guessing it's a case of the first few shows testing out what works and then cutting songs/sections.
This is pretty much fantastic and jaw dropping.

I can imagine she might drop one thing or another, but the ~30 songs for stadium tour sets are pretty standard (saying this as if she wouldn’t need to cut whole sections to level down ddddd). There were rumors ir was actually being filmed as well right? I can imagine that would play a part in a “fuller show” but yeah.

She’s fantastic. Doesn’t really matter what people say about her “performance skills/acting/range” or whatever when you see that she’s doing nearly 50 songs in one night. That’s hard work and admirable, and her fans are really winning.

I’ll try to snatch a ticket once (if??) she comes. Last rumors were saying the had dates for Latin American locked for September/October but way too much silence now.
The Midnights section makes me drool over what a Midnights Tour might have been. Dreamy and magical... Throw in some ''Lover'' cuts and whew...
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There’s a handful of songs I could’ve done without (‘You Need to Calm Down’, ‘Vigilante Shit’, ‘The Man’, ‘The Archer’, ‘tolerate it’) but in terms of size and scale, and just how much ground she’s covered, this is really a stan’s wet dream, huh?

It’s funny because I’d taken a stab at a probable set list myself recently and thought the idea of 30 songs might be stretching… I guess not!
Three hours and 44 songs are you KIDDING!!!

*cries in international Swiftie*

The set list is absolutely insane. I could nitpick about some additions and omissions but honestly who can complain when she's given us that much material. And I'm sure she'll switch it up sometimes too, I'd be delighted to see a refreshed set list for next year.

Champagne Problems and The Archer stans won!!
Every time I think I’ve seen everything there is to see, I stumble across another clip. Just watched the Willow performance at was absolutely mesmerised by it.

The video projections on this show are some of the best I have ever seen.
I’m hung up on her only doing one Speak Now song, but the setlist is incredible and her stamina is insane to do a show this massive.
I've been listening to a playlist with the setlist and it goes off??? I miss certain songs, but I trust she'll move some in an out as the tour continues.

Now why am I stanning LWYMMD in 2023 fffff

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