Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

It would seem inevitable that this will get shorter over time (especially for Europe), which is completely understandable. But the fact the intention was to do this much and she's set out to do so? Legendary behaviour.

I would assume she plans to record the LA dates but maybe it would be too soon if international dates are coming in 2024.
Wait, could she beat Sticky & Sweet do we think? That actually seems realistic with her prices and attendance, plus the fact she'll probably be close to 100 dates once she adds the worldwide legs.

Her power is kind of terrifying.

I think she’s already surpassed it, didn’t Billboard say she’s at approx. $500-600 million from US dates alone? Even with Sticky and Sweet’s numbers adjusted for inflation Taylor has still beaten it.

I hope she goes for a billion dollar gross and blow everyone out of the water.

10k more than the last time she played the stadium during Reputation, and she has two shows this time. This tour is probably going to smash every record standing.

Ed furiously adding another year of shows to make sure she doesn't beat him...


Taylor AND Madonna BOTH pulling impressive numbers.

Taylor's '18 stadium show in Sydney pulled 72,800 tix!!
Decent videos on YouTube are already being removed. I hate that this happens each Taylor tour. It’s always so difficult to find decent videos because her team has them removed.